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Corn Flavor


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Corn Flavor

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When you sit back and think about going to the movies, you probably think about getting some pop-corn and a large soda. You really can’t imagine going to the movies without that great aroma of pop-corn and butter. Our Corn flavor does just that, it is that amazing aroma you know and love, but in a concentrate form. It is perfect when you are doing baking. What happens when you bake bread or other baked goods, such as corn bread? Typically the flavor of corn gets cooked out and you can no longer taste it. The baked good may be there, but the flavor is long gone. This is where our corn flavor comes it. It is a flavor that is great to supplement and add to your already great natural corn flavors. Now if you are a baker you know that there are two very important things, the quality of the baked good, that is it in good form, well baked and good texture. But also the overall aroma and flavor. One mistake bakers make is that they simply don’t give enough attention to the overall taste. They simply dump in lots and lots of sugar into products that should other wise have great flavor. Bring in corn flavor into the mix and already you’ve enhanced what is normally a great tasting product. Corn flavor in and of itself will not make a mediocre baked good great, but it will take something that is great and make it amazing. Now with that in mind consider that our corn flavor is both organic and natural. This really depends on what you are looking to buy. Some people prefer to have organic and others don’t mind having natural corn flavor. What is important is how you use it and you should use it. Corn flavor in general has a great tradition and history. As far back and people remember, people have been growing corn and wheat and other grains. So corn flavor is in a way a staple of modern and historical meals. Its something that we’ve all grown up with and something that a lot of use love. If you are from the western hemisphere where rice is not as popular, corn flavor is probably what you grew up with. All that in mind there are other great flavors out there. Just none as basic to our diet as corn flavor. The last bit about corn flavor comes in how you should use it. Most people will probably want to add it to baked goods to help enhance the flavor that already exists there. However some people will want to try and go a little crazy and try corn flavor in something like a dirty martini. Yes its out there , but until you try it, as they say, don’t knock it. Corn flavor you most common and most abundant flavor in the world. Natures flavors corn flavor is exactly as it sounds, delicious and aromatic. Buy some today.

Additional Information

Product Type Natural
Product Color Without Natural Color
Product Solubility Water Soluble
Product pH Industry Neutral 4.0-4.5
Product Sweetness Sugar Free
Product Allergens Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-Alergenic, Vegan

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