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History of Flavor Extracts
Nature's Flavors has been producing flavors, flavor concentrates, natural flavors, organic flavors, and flavor drops for over 30 years. We specialize in custom made flavors for the food and beverage industry. Nature's Flavors makes all of its natural flavors from scratch from our huge library of inventoried raw materials. We create custom flavors in our California facility the way our customers like them...fresh and on time! Some flavor companies produce their flavors well in advance of customer orders and store them on shelves for many months. Ours are made fresh to order, each and every time. 
The Making of Extracts

At Nature's Flavors, every flavor is made fresh, every time. We maintain a library of over 8,000 custom made flavors, and that list grows everyday. If you don't see the flavor you want, simply let us know and we’ll add it to our menu.
Natural flavors are made from plant materials so variations can occur from season to season. If you are interesting in purchasing a flavor to be used year round, let us know and we will tailor a plan to insure the least amount of variation from order to order.
How to Use Flavors 

Natural flavors come in many styles, colors, forms, and concentrations. We encourage our customers to test the flavor and ask questions regarding the correct usage for your application. A good rule for initial usage is .25% of yur recipie's total volume and up. Remember, natural flavor has an optimal usage and achieving that point is more art than science.
Never over flavor your product! Here are some basic rules for flavoring:
First, start with a small amount such as a .25% up to 1% of of your  flavor. Taste the flavor in the finished dough or ice cream. If the flavor tastes good and goes away after 3 to 5 seconds, then it’s perfect and you don't have to do anything more. If this a baked product that has not been baked, you will need to add 10% more to compensate for the loss of flavor during baking. 
Flavoring Ice cream 

When making and freezing ice cream, it is possible the flavor will become diluted due to the whipping of air into the product from the ice cream machine. You may need to add more flavor to the ice cream mix. If at any time you experience a minty or medicinal taste on your palate, then you have over flavored your product. Also, if you find yourself burping the flavor an hour or more after you have eaten the finished product, then you have probably over flavored the product. The trick to making a product taste good is to give the customer only enough flavor to tease their taste buds. You never want to completely satisfy their tastes.
Which Product to Choose? 
Flavorings come in a variety of forms. Here are a few tips on choosing the right one for your needs. 
Concentrates are well suited to high heat applications. As their name suggests, they are very concentrated! Use a smaller amount than you would for an extract. Concentrates are especially good for baked applications, as they retain their flavor through the baking process. These are set in a gum acacia base, and have a slightly opaque apperince, and so concentrates are best for applications which are not clear. 
Extracts are a great all-around flavoring product. They are transparent, and work well for beverages and other products you want to keep transparent. These are very versitale, and can be used anywhere from cooking to beverages to baking. Extracts are usually set in a alcohol base. 
Powders are the flavor to choose when you need to keep all your ingredients dry. Drink mixes and baking mixes are perfect applications for flavor powders, as they dissolve readily in warm water. Flavor powders are available in a sugar-free base as well. 
Don't Hesitate to Contact Us for More Information! 
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