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Lemon Flavor is a highly concentrated blend of essential oils and emulsified to withstand high heat for long duration's. This lemon flavor is perfect for baking and freezing. You can use this lemon flavor for making cookies, cakes , and all types of pastries. You can add this lemon flavor for making a stronger tasting meringues. lemon flavor can be used as flavoring for beva

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Regular Price: $1.00

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Perhaps there is not a more versatile and unmistakable addition as lemon flavor. At first it was merely used as an ornament or in medicine. A citrus fruit naturally high in vitamin C, sailors once got very used to lemon flavor by adding the juice of the lemon to their meals in order to combat outbreaks of scurvy. After the discovery of the New World, colonization resulted in the spreading and flourishing of lemon trees. Lemon flavor itself has now become a staple of cooking and baking and is practically ubiquitous in pantries and kitchens worldwide. Its piquant and zesty flavor adds a sour kick to many dishes and sweet treats. I myself love sour tastes, and in my own cooking adventures I often need to avail myself of lemon flavor’s bite. Whether it’s complementing a salad or rounding out a sweet dessert, the usefulness of lemon flavor in all aspects of the kitchen cannot be understated. Soon I was finding many creative and ingenious ways to incorporate it into my recipes. Most people would agree that the distinctiveness of lemon flavor can be found in a myriad of dishes enjoyed all over the world. To this day my favorite pie is still lemon meringue. With the tart lemon flavor matched to the airy and sweet taste of the meringue, it provides the perfect contrast of sweet and sour. Many other confections and dessert items gain a considerable kick when it is added. Whether you are baking fresh cookies, pies hot out of the oven, jellos, or any other baked good or ice cream, lemon flavor grabs your taste buds’ attention and becomes part of a tasty and bold treat. Its high-heat stability makes it the perfect ingredient in your baked goods. Try some today for whatever baking need you may have. The refreshing nature of lemon flavor makes it a favorite for beverages and cocktails. Add some bolder flavor to homemade lemonade for an inimitable drink. Or add some to your cocktail to add some complexity and take the edge off the alcohol. Lemon flavor has even been added to colas and other carbonated beverages for a pleasant twist. And of course, let’s not forget the familiar addition to our favorite teas. Our lemon flavor is a quick and perfect for hot and cold beverages and gives you the ideal taste that you’re looking for. Whether it will be in the background of your palette for subtle hint or bursting right out of your recipe, our lemon flavor is the right fit for any application. The tart and refreshing essence has been a staple of every chef’s kitchen for hundreds of years, and now you too can reap its benefits for your dishes as well as your treats and desserts. Its effectiveness and versatility make it a must-have item for everyone from the master chef to curious novice. Try some of our lemon flavor today and see what it can do to liven up your own recipes and kick start some new ideas.

Additional Information

Product Type Natural
Product Color Without Natural Color
Product Solubility Water Soluble
Product pH Industry Neutral 4.0-4.5
Product Sweetness Sugar Free
Product Allergens Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-Alergenic, Vegan

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