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Peach Flavor


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Peach Flavor

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Peach flavor is very sweet and delightful. China and Persia are both given credit for being the origin of the peach. Desserts, cocktails, juices, and other foods use peach flavor quite often. Peaches have a great smell and a furry exterior, which just adds to the comfortable sensation a peach gives off. Fresh peaches can be canned and with a drop of our peach flavor, the end product will have a nice kick to it. Peach cobbler and peach ice cream are two of the most popular applications of peach flavor in the world and our peach products only enhance those desserts. Smoothies are my favorite drinks in the world and they get even better with a splash of peach flavor. You can add peach juice, peach concentrate or chunks of real peaches, but no matter what, peaches are a must in any smoothie. Another drink that uses peach flavor, is a refreshing mixed drink with peach juice and vodka on that beautiful summer day. Peaches not only work as a liquid, but are great when they are pureed and our peach flavor can even be used in applications, such as baby foods. Another great way to use peach flavor would be in salad dressings and sauces. If you ever get the craving for a peach while eating a salad, it only takes a few drops of our peach flavor to liven up a dressing and enjoy the healthy essence of your new peach salad. Sauces can be used as a tasty topping to any chicken dish and it compliments fish like you wouldn’t believe. Peach flavor also works well with steaks, as long as you find the correct amount to add to the sauté pan. Any dinner you would want to cook up to impress guests during a summer or holiday feast, would be greatly enhanced with peach flavor. Desserts are my personal favorite application for peach flavor. I’ve cooked peach cobbler and candy-coated peaches using our peach flavor and they were unbelievable. Friends have bragged about these desserts and now attempt to make their own desserts with many of our other flavors. Peach flavor also goes well with pancakes, waffles, and cereals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not spice it up a bit? My personal creation was adding peach flavor into my milk then adding that to cereal. Overall, peach flavor is used for food products, but if you want to use it in other applications such as lip balms and soaps, our peach flavor oils are your solution. People all around the world enjoy the taste of peaches and use them in many unique ways. Trail mix also uses dried peaches, but if you don’t like the texture of dried fruits, nuts can be soaked in peach flavor to produce a very fun and exciting taste. If peach flavor is not your favorite, there are many other heavenly flavors that we make that will be sure to pleasure your pallet on a daily basis.

Additional Information

Product Type Natural
Product Color Without Natural Color
Product Solubility Water Soluble
Product pH Industry Neutral 4.0-4.5
Product Sweetness Sugar Free
Product Allergens Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-Alergenic, Vegan

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