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Nature's Flavours carries one of the largest selections of fruit juice concentrates available on the internet. It is the focus of our world travels to look for the best quality and sometimes the most unusual fruit juice concentrates we can get our hands on. These fruit juice concentrates must pass rigorous quality control tests.

All fruit juice concentrates are tested for pesticides, herbicides and other potential contaminants using high pressure liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. Nature's Flavours fruit juice concentrates are processed with the utmost care to protect freshness and preserve valuable nutrients. The fruits are typically picked at the optimum time for peak flavor and sugar content. The fruits are washed, pressed, and filtered prior to being pasteurized and reduced using thin film evaporation.

Nature's Flavours fruit juice concentrates are naturally rich in antioxidants. Typically, darker juices contain higher levels of precious antioxidants. Studies have shown that juices like blueberry may help prevent certain diseases such as cancers, strokes, and heart disease. Fruit juice concentrates like strawberry have some very unique antioxidants, which may even slow the effects of aging and are very high in Vitamin C and Folate.

Nature's Flavours fruit juice concentrates can be diluted at approximately 1 part fruit juice concentrate to 3 parts water in most cases. Many of our fruit juice concentrates can be used as sweeteners or coloring agents for baking, yogurt, and for making nutraceutical beverages. Nature's Flavours fruit juice concentrates are great when mixed together. For example, red raspberry juice concentrate and cranberry juice concentrate are wonderful when combined. You can also make smoothies, homemade lemonade, and even natural pancake syrups.

Stay tuned as we begin to build a new recipe page which will help you create many more flavorful and healthy treats. If you are looking for recipes today, consider adding NF-426 Raspberry Flavor Concentrate to our Apple Juice Concentrate to make a wonderful Raspberry-flavored apple juice concentrate. The uses for these juice concentrates are truly endless.

Feel free to contact us by email with questions or suggestions. Nature's Flavours fruit juice concentrates are Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free.

Please note:

All Juice Concentrates shipped to all states (except AZ, CA, UT, NV) need to be shipped 2nd day air to keep from spoiling. Products should be refrigerated upon receipt.
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