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Nature's Flavor's Organic Extracts are made from the finest ingredients available. The Flavor Guy shops the world over for the purest and most unique raw materials to bring you new and innovative flavors that will tantalize your taste buds! What is an Organic Extract? Nature's Flavours' Organic Extracts are water soluble flavors made in a base of Organic Ethyl Alcohol. These all natural Flavor Extracts are Certified, Organic, Food Grade, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, and contain NO Allergens. They are best used in clear beverages, dairy products, and applications where you don't want to disturb the clarity/translucency. Nature's Flavours' Extracts are of comparable strength to our Organic Flavor Concentrates, and Organic Flavor Oils. Nature's Flavours' Organic Flavor Extracts are flavors only and will need to be placed with a sweetener, fat, or something with high alkalinity like salt, for them to really burst in your mouth. Flavor Extracts are Water Soluble? Our Organic Flavor Extracts are pure Water Soluble Flavors, this means like our Organic Flavor Concentrates they will readily dissolve into water based applications. We do not recommend adding Flavor Extracts to an oil base, as separation may occur. For Oil Based applications we recommend our Oil Soluble Organic Flavor Oils, and our Organic Flavor Oils for Chocolate. What about Extracts in high heat applications? It is important to note that flavors and colors will become less potent when exposed to high heat applications. Nature's Flavours' Organic Flavor Concentrates are more heat stable than our Flavor Extracts. We also offer Natural Flavor Emulsions for High Heat Applications! Should I use and extract or concentrate? Nature's Flavors' Organic Flavor Extracts and Organic Flavor Concentrates are both certified organic, all natural and water soluble. Flavor Concentrates, however, have a cloudy/opaque look to them while the extracts are clear. This is not because the concentrates are any less pure, but concentrates are set in a gum acacia base, while extracts are set in an alcohol base. When you are making a product that is clear, flavor extracts will be the better choice. Flavor concentrates are more heat stable than extracts, so concentrates are often the better choice for baking. Flavor extracts are in an alcohol base and will affect the freezing point of any application that you put them into, while concentrates will not. Usage Start at under 0.5% of your total volume, and slowly work up to 4% maximum. You will need to experiment to achieve the perfect strength for flavoring your recipe. If you notice a medicinal or minty taste, you may have over flavored your recipe. Try reducing the amount of flavor you are adding. Ingredients: Water, Organic Ethyl Alcohol, Natural and Organic Plant and Vegetable Extracts
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