Flavored Syrups

Syrup, sweet flavoring syrup. At Nature's Flavors, we take our flavored syrup seriously. At 155 varieties of natural and organic flavored syrups and counting, we are the unchallenged leader in naturally flavored, custom syrup creations without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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Natural Flavored Syrups Image

Natural Flavored Syrups

Our natural flavoring syrups pair wonderfully with coffee and tea beverages, mixed drinks, and baking confections. These natural flavored syrups are made with the finest ingredients and contain no additives.

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Organic Flavored Syrups Image

Organic Flavored Syrups

Our flavor scientists have developed the best organic flavored syrups – made with certified organic ingredients. These organic flavoring syrups can be added to desserts and beverages for a touch of sweetness.

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Snow Cone Syrup Image

Snow Cone Syrup

We offer a unique collection of flavored snow cone syrups, available with the finest plant-derived ingredients. Add the finest natural and organic snow cone syrup flavors to your favorite summer treats.

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Italian Soda Syrups Image

Italian Soda Syrups

Bring Italy home to you with our hand-crafted Italian soda syrups, curated by our flavor scientists, in a variety of natural and organic flavors. Indulge in the sweetness of our delicious Italian soda syrups for a refreshing beverage.

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Sugar Free Syrup Powdered Formula Image

Sugar Free Syrup Powdered Formula

Make your own custom-flavored syrups with our sugar-free powdered syrup formulas by simply adding water. Excellent for beverages and baked goods, you’ll love these healthy zero-sugar syrups as an alternative to sugary syrups.

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Low-Carb Erythritol Syrup Image

Low-Carb Erythritol Syrup

If you’re watching your carbs and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to cut out foods that taste good. Try adding our low-carb erythritol syrups to everything from coffee and snow cones to pancakes and Italian sodas.

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Pancake Syrup Organic Image

Pancake Syrup Organic

A breakfast staple, add our organic pancake syrup to your fluffy pancakes, waffles, or French toast. Try our organic flavored pancake syrups, along with the classic maple syrup.

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Bar Mix Syrup Organic Image

Bar Mix Syrup Organic

Our organic bar mix syrups are excellent for home bartenders and professional drink mixologists to craft the finest cocktails that will have people wanting more. These cocktail syrups are made with the finest certified organic ingredients.

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Syrup For Yogurt Organic Image

Syrup For Yogurt Organic

We offer an assortment of organic syrups for yogurt in a variety of flavors, made with certified organic ingredients. Use our organic syrup for yogurt to make frozen yogurt, ice cream, and flavored yogurt.

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Organic Powdered Syrup Image

Organic Powdered Syrup

Our flavorists have created flavored syrups for just about any application. We offer organic powdered syrups available in over a dozen flavors, which can be added to beverages and sweets to kick the flavor profiles up a notch.

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Shakes & Smoothies Image

Shakes & Smoothies

Blend up decadent fruit smoothies as well as milkshakes and protein shakes with our selection of natural and organic shake and smoothie bases. These shake and smoothie bases are made with the finest ingredients sourced from nature.

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Sample Packs & Bundles Image

Sample Packs & Bundles

Treat yourself or someone else to our organic and natural flavored syrup sample packs. With our syrup bundles, you can try a variety of our syrups before purchasing them in larger quantities. These syrup samples make excellent gifts for syrup enthusiasts, bakers, and beverage mixologists.

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