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Flavor Emulsions

Flavor emulsions come in many flavors, colors, and styles. Be sure to test the flavor out and ask us if you need help to determine starting amount for your application.

Watch this video to learn about flavor extracts.


Emulsions are made through high-shear processes where we minimize the droplets of the oils within our flavor oil and emulsifier mix, usually a gum acacia. Through this process, we made the oils into highly concentrated, water-soluble flavors that are great for high-heat applications.


Emulsions are water-soluble and highly concentrated flavors, for that reason, starting usage is 0.1% - 0.5%. by weight. Experimentation is needed. Feel free to call us for some tips. If the flavor tastes good and dissipates after 3 to 5 seconds, it's perfect!


Flavor emulsions are high-heat resistant, making them perfect for baking applications. Flavor emulsions are good for:

- Cookies

- Cakes

- Hard & Soft Candy

- Dairy Products

- Ice cream

- Beverages

- Much, much, more!


If at any time you notice a minty taste on your palate or a medicinal taste, you have over-flavored your product. Or, if you are burping the flavor up an hour or more after you have eaten the finished product then you have probably over flavored it. The trick to making a product taste good is to give just enough flavor to tease the taste buds, without overdoing it. That's what keeps them coming back for more.

More Videos on Emulsions:

What are flavor emulsions? How are they made? Watch this to learn more!

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