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Flavor Oils

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Natures Flavors has been producing natural and organic flavors for over 30 years. We specialize in custom made flavors for the food and beverage industry. Natures Flavors makes all of its natural flavors from scratch from our huge library of raw materials. There is no middle man. We make custom flavors in our factory here in California they way our customers like them: fresh and on time. Some flavor companies make their flavors months in advance, but at Natures Flavors, we believe the customer's flavor should be made fresh every time. We are always adding to our library of over 8,000 custom flavors. If you don't see a flavor you need, contact us and we will make it for you!

Natural flavors are made from plant materials and so variations can occur from season to season. If you are buying a flavor that is to be used year round, let us know and we can tailor a plan that will insure the least amount of variation from order to order. Natural flavors come in many styles, colors, forms, and concentrations. Be sure to test the flavor out and ask for assistance if you need help to determine an amount for your application. Generally a good rule for starting usage is .25% and up. Remember natural flavor has and optimal usage and getting to that point is more art than science.

Never over flavor your recipe!

Here are a few rules for starting to flavor a product. Let's say you're flavoring some cookies or ice cream.  First start with a small amount such as a .25% up to 1% of total weight of your extract or flavor. Taste the flavor in the finished dough or ice cream. If the flavor tastes good and goes away after 3 to 5 seconds than it's perfect. If this a baked product and it has not been baked yet than you will need to add 10% more to compensate for the loss during baking. When making and freezing ice cream it is also possible the extract will become diluted due to the whipping of air into the product from the ice cream machine and you may need to add move extract to the ice cream mix.

If at any time you notice a minty taste on your palate or a medicinal taste than you have over flavored your product. Or, if you are burping up the flavor an hour or more after you have eaten the finished product,  you have probably over flavored. The trick to making a product taste good is to only give the customer just enough flavor to tease their taste buds, without overdoing it.

Oil Soluble

Natures Flavors' Flavor Oils are great when your recipe calls for oil soluble ingredients. These oils are commonly used in the manufacture of lip balm, candle making, natural candies and even Scratch-n-Sniff artwork!

Product Usage: from 0.5% to 3% maximum, by weight of total ingredients in application. A bit of experimentation may be necessary. It is always best to start low and work up to the desired level of flavor, as over-flavoring is fairly easy with these concentrated flavor oils.

Flavor Oils are used in Oil-based products, such as chocolate oil and lip balm oil. Flavor Oils are:

- Clear

- Concentrated

- Oil-based only 

- High heat stable

- In some cases, solidified product is natural because of the base

- Start 0.5% to 3% maximum

- Ingredients - natural or organic flavor, carrier oil (*sunflower, canola, coconut)

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