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Rainbow Pack of Natural Food Color by Seelect Tea



Rainbow Pack of Natural Food Color Liquid by Seelect Tea is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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Straight from the roots of Mother Nature, Nature’s Flavors brings the colors of the earth to your baked goods, as well as other culinary creations. For centuries, societies have worked towards achieving bright, resilient colors that reflect the earth’s purity and natural essence. Nature’s Flavors has sown from the garden of earth and harvested the bright, natural colors of nature in our Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors. From beets to pumpkin, Nature’s Flavors cultivates straight from the earth, straight from the honest, pure beginnings this life has to offer. By using what Mother Nature gave us, Nature’s Flavors brings the vibrancy and bounce of color from nature to your kitchen. In ancient times, colors were derived from these same methods, extracting plants to use their natural hues which were healthy and beneficial to one’s health, as well as appetite. Nature’s Flavors carries in that tradition with our Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors. As proud believers in the maintenance and routine of wellness, Nature’s Flavors makes your routine easier and stress-free with our Natural, delighting colors in our 5 pack of Natural Colors. This Rainbow Pack offers a variety of colors for your baking needs. During the Old Ages, not all of these colors were available, depending on what part of the world you were in. Today, no matter where you are, Nature’s Flavors make certain you’re able to share the wealth of wellness natural colors provide in our Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors. See how you can bring the natural, beautiful colors of Mother Nature to your home today. It’s the perfect way to incorporate the world of color into your day!
Colors have long been seen as symbolic to reflecting mood and emotion. Nature’s Flavors wants to put you in the mood of culinary delight with our outstanding, sensational, simply fantastic Natural Colors in our Rainbow Pack. From green to red, Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors is the perfect way to enjoy any day and brighten it up… the healthy way!
Daily Uses
Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors brings the rainbow right into your culinary confections! Our Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors can be used in a variety of your baked goods, as well as beverage applications. Baked goods such as waffles, pancakes, breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, icings, puddings, yogurts, smoothies, shakes, and malts, Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors lets you set your rainbow of colors free! With the simple application on our Natural, delightful colors, you can make any holiday festivity bright and fun with the Natural Colors Nature’s Flavors has to offer in our Rainbow Pack. Do you paint eggs for Easter? Do you like to get creative with cookies for Christmas? Do you enjoy whipping up colorful cakes for your child’s birthday parties? Nature’s Flavors is your one-stop shop for all-Natural, simply stunning color. It’s the place to be to be bright and be beautiful!
Natures Benefits
The long standing battle between artificial and natural colors continues. But, at Nature’s Flavors, we know the natural shine of Natural Colors in our Rainbow Pack defeats anything artificial any day! In fact, recent studies have shown children developing deficit disorders with an increased amount of artificial ingredients in their system than children who are not exposed to artificial ingredients. Everybody knows… natural is the way to go! It’s pure, healthy, and straight from Mother Earth! Nature’s Flavors provides only the highest quality, purest, freshest ingredients from the earth to your kitchen. By making each and every one of your culinary creations bright and beautiful, Nature’s Flavors makes sure to make every bite healthy and delightful, too! Buy Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors today to experience the shine and beauty of a natural rainbow!
How to Make Recipes
Colors… who doesn’t love them? I know my kids loving playing with colors – it brightens their day, wakes them up, makes them creative! Get out and have fun with your children while sharing the joy of cooking, baking, and even decorating! Nature’s Flavors make it easy to use our bright Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors. Simply add 1 to 2 drops of color, depending on the ratio of water or other product you’re using to place the drops in. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Nature’s Flavors fun and fantastic Natural Colors Rainbow Pack, visit our homepage and click on “Great Recipes.” You’ll find a variety of submitted photos and recipes from our favorite bloggers. You’ll also find great ways to make your cooking, baking, and creating even more fantastic with helpful hints! Nature’s Flavors is your one-stop shop for color… make it natural, make it healthy! Please submit your recipes to
More Info
Nature’s Flavours Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors contain all water soluble liquids designed to color your product with all natural, and pure colors. This Rainbow Packs includes our all Natural Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange Liquid Colors. All Nature’s Flavours Colors are all natural, vegan, gluten free, and certified Kosher. All Nature’s Flavours colors contain no synthetic chemicals. What does this Liquid Rainbow Pack Include?

2 oz. :: NF-6650 :: Natural Cherry Red Color *NEW*
2 oz. :: NF-9247:: Natural Blue Color
2 oz. :: NF-9263 :: Natural Green Color [Liquid] (Forest Green, Vegan, Gluten Free)*NEW*
2 oz. :: NF-4229 :: Natural Yellow Color *NEW*
2 oz. :: NF-4230 :: Natural Orange Color

No Substitution for colors.

NOTE: Nature’s Flavours makes no claims about the suitability of any of these colors for a given purpose. Some colors will impart some flavor on the finished product, and may render unsatisfactory results, others may not hold up well to High-Heat applications. This pack is intended to provide our customers with the most economical way to try many of our colors.

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