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Caramel Italian Soda Syrup

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Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Natural Colors

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Smooth, rich, and sensationally sweet:

Caramel has been enjoyed for many centuries across many continents. Just as the notes of Caramel are rich, the history of Caramel is as thick with content. Historians believe Caramel originated in parts of the Middle East. As a delicacy to many Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, fruits, such as dates and apricots, were harvested regularly and served as a way to comfort guests, as well as comfort the body's digestive wellness. By coating the exterior of fruits and nuts with sugar, it became an instant success. Where was this delectable sugary-flavor coating coming from? Various Arab nations in the Middle East would take crystallized sugar, or rock candy, and boil it in hot water. This method was employed for many centuries and different cultures gained awareness of this sweet confection. It wasn't until the mid 1800s when dairy products, such as milk and creamer, were implemented in the recipe to form a thicker, much more caramel-like texture and taste as we're used to today.

Caramel Italian Soda Syrup is really an all American treat. Of course caramel has been around for a very long time but now as always, having fresh Caramel Italian Soda Syrup available to you is a terrific treat. So sit back and imagine yourself out at a baseball game, watching your favorite team. The cool wind blowing over the field and in your hand an ice cold snow cone covered in Caramel Italian Soda Syrup. Is there really a nicer way to spend a summer afternoon?

Caramel Italian Soda Syrup can be used to turn any simple coffee or chocolate drink into an exquisite, elegant treat; which makes it ideal for preparing party drinks for your afternoon get-togethers. Try it on a hot or cold mocha, with a good dose of whipped cream on top; or drizzled over the whipped cream in your Irish Coffee. For the younger of you, enjoy it in a banana milkshake, in hot cocoa or just in a glass of warm milk before bed. You can even mix Caramel Italian Soda Syrup with breakfast foods, such as yogurt or porridge. Caramel Italian Soda Syrup is also your perfect companion for making sumptuous fruit and ice-cream based desserts, just like the ones Escoffier used to make. Drizzle it over vanilla, malaga, chocolate, almond or hazelnut ice cream; for a spectacular cup, for instance, take a scoop of almond ice cream and one of chocolate; garnish them generously with sliced bananas and pour a liberal amount of Caramel Italian Soda Syrup all over it, then only a tiny amount of mint liqueur on top. Or make a fruit salad out of strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango, red grapes, apples and pears with just a little shot of brandy, and top with the delicious Caramel Italian Soda Syrup.

Caramel Italian Soda Syrup is best enjoyed with coffee -hot or cold, with or without milk-, with hot chocolate or mexican atole. It is also a great match for flavouring chocolate mousses, creams and ganaches; or you can even line your favourite cake layers with Caramel Italian Soda Syrup before filling them with delicious chocolate. As it is heat-resistant, you can even use it in baking--for example, to make caramel-flavoured chocolate brownies or muffins. Caramel Italian Soda Syrup can also be used to top ice creams, meringue and angel food cakes, pavlovas or, in combination with fresh berries, to make panna cota coulis. You can use it for any dessert you can think of- and also for mixing with beverages, lemonades and cocktails. It is perfect for flavouring lime crushers, mint coolers, as well as smoothies and fruit mocktails. You can use it as a flavouring for slushies, on its own or in combination with another syrup. With a glass of milk, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a generous dash of Caramel Italian Soda Syrup, you can make a delicious smoothie enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike.
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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