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Mai-Tai Italian Soda Syrup

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A sport with a rich history, horse racing has been, for centuries, one of the passtimes of the rich and noble. With all the etiquette, rituals and customs surrounding it, from betting to parties and enjoying cocktails to the elegant costumes of the watchers, a horse race is much more than a sporting event: it is a sophisticated social occasion. The Royal Ascot Races happen every summer in the UK and constitute the highlight of the social season. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the members of the Royal Family arrive each day in horse-drawn carriages, forming the Royal Procession that culminates in the raising of the raising of the Queen's Royal Standard. Royal Ascot is known as the best-attended race meeting in Europe, with over 300,000 people travelling to the town of Berkshire to see it and many more watching it live on BBC. In the USA, in the first summer of May, we have the Kentucky Derby, famed as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports". Even more attention and press coverage than to the riders themselves is given to the celebrities and high-life socialites who come to watch it; and their social rituals. In the exclusive Royal Enclosure at Ascot, women wearing elegant day dresses with colourful fascinators and men accesorizing their morning dress with top hats enjoy fine dining and cocktails. Similar traditions exist at the "Millionaire's Row" at the Kentucky Derby; with race-goers enjoying a burgoo and a mint julep. While, unless you're Kate Middleton or a member of the Kennedy family, you probably won't make it there this year, why not have a party in honour of the races and watch it on telly? It is with such occasions in mind that we have created our Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup; your delicious mix for posh party refreshments, with or without alcohol. To make desserts that would fit for royalty and impress your race-watching party guests, flavour your best ice cream or sorbet with a dash of our Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup. You'll love it! And because we know being sophisticated is hard work, we have created a very wide variety of syrups, flavourings and goodies to choose from when it comes to designing and crafting your party food. Use Espresso Flavor Syrup on top of a delicious chocolate mousse, indulge in a bit of Marzipan flavor Syrup in a latte topped with the finest whipped cream or flavour your favourite sorbet with Mint Snow Cone Syrup .
Each year at the Kentucky Derby, a huge bouquet of 554 red roses is awarded to the lucky winner. The tradition originated from 19th Century socialite E. Berry Wall, who presented roses to ladies at a post-Derby party. Exactly one hundred year later, pop singer Dan Fogelberg released his hit Run for the roses; referring to Kentucky's Derby time-honored custom. You too could recreate the elegance of E. Berry Wall's reception at your derby-themed party; prepare a delicious burgoo, whip up some tasty finger foods and some refreshments- how about fizzy lime crushers with Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup?- and prepare a red rose sorbet; with fresh red berries, Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup and a dash of rose water. As you can see, it's that versatile- so why not give it a try today and unleash your creativity? Don't forget to decorate the table with red roses!
Daily Uses
Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup makes a great flavouring for lemonades and mocktails. If you're having a cocktail party, you can use it instead of alcoholic drinks to mix tasty cocktails for your guests who are underage, pregnant, designated drivers or abstaining from alcohol for health or faith reasons. In cocktails that would have called for rum or liqueur, simply add Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup to a bit of still or sparkling water, mix it with the non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients and -voil?�- you've made the non-alcoholic copycat of your fancy cocktail. Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup can also be used in baking, to replace sugar and rum flavouring. Try mixing some in the heavy cream for panna cota, or in your favourite cake recipe. If you enjoy fruit salad with icing sugar and a shot of rum or brandy poured over the fruits, but have to give up the boozy addition if you know kids or non-drinkers may partake, eschew both sugar and liquor and pour a shot of Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup instead. You can also mix it in vanilla ice cream, along with a handful of raisins, to make malaga ice cream. We suggest you top it with Orange Syrup for even more deliciousness.
Health Benefits
Don't you wish you could party all the time? When you're having fun, it's easy to forget about your general well-being and make decisions you may later regret. The holiday or social season are always a great time for either hitting the town or hosting your own; and caught up in the excitement, you don't always make the healthiest choices. All the delicious food goes straight to your hips, not to mention that the lovely cocktails you sip on during celebrations can mess with your diet, cause dehydration and, if enjoyed excessively, the potential for public embarrassment or a nasty hangover. This is why we made our Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup with , natural ingredients only and less sugar than similar products on the market, so that you can enjoy delicious goodies free of artificial additives and keep your slender figure. For a clear mind all night and a hangover-free next morning, we suggest making your every third cocktail a Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup one. And to keep the party feel after the party's over while cutting down on the unhealthy stuff, why not start using it regularly instead of the sugar and flavourings that normally go in your cakes? Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup mocktail, Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup ice cream, Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup cocktail mix, Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup for baking
How to Make Recipes
Recipe for Mock Lime Daiquiri with Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup.
Mock Lime Daiquiri with Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup
100 ml. fresh lime juice
100 ml. still or sparkling mineral water
1 tablespoon Natures Flavors Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup
Preparation of Mock Lime Daiquiri with Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup Dissolve the Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup in water. Mix with the lime juice in a shaker with ice or simply stir and serve with ice cubes, as preferred. Liked this recipe, have a look at Pi?�a Colada Syrup Hope you liked our Mock Lime Daiquiri with Mai-Tai Flavored Italian Soda Syrup recipe. 
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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