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Amaretto Coffee Syrup

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An old Arabic story tells us that a wise man or woman should drink three coffees over the course of one day: One sweet, to remind you of the good things in life, of the beauty of the world and of everything that there is to be admired an enjoyed; so that you would know how to love. One bitter, to remind you of death, sadness, grief and all the injustice in the world; so that you would know how to be brave in the face of hardship and fight injustice with all of your might; and the third coffee, bitter-sweet just like life itself, with its high and laws, will be the one that will truly wake you up and let you experience the world. Inspired by this beautiful piece of wisdom, we have created our Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup as the perfect accompaniment to your third coffee. Invented in the artistic time of the Italian Renaissance, amaretto liqueur is made from the kernels of almond and apricot pits. The delicious drink created from a blend of sweet and bitter almonds is named amaretto meaning a little bit bitter- evoking a word play between the words amaro (bitter) and amore (love). So have a bit of Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup in your coffee or chocolate; we think you'll fall in love with it. But if your love for Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup does not come with a commitment (who said it should?) we've got plenty more Flavors in store for you to try and love. How about some Chocolate Coffee Syrup in your morning latte, and a breakfast of pancakes topped with French Vanilla Syrup TLC, or maybe waffles with fresh banana and Hazelnut Snow Cone Syrup ? Even though we're being told nothing is ever perfect, we have to admit that some moments in life are simply unapologetically sweet.
While you're having your cup of coffee sweetened with just a hint of Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup, you may want to hear the story of its origin. It is said that in 1529, a young painter by the name of Bernardino Luini, who had learned his craft from Leonardo da Vinci himself, was travelling through the town of Saronno, a quiet little place famous for the delicious apricot kernel biscuits the housewives in town were making. The old church of Madonna dei Miracoli was in need of new frescoes, and Luini was commissioned to the job. As he wandered through the village in search of inspiration, he saw a beautiful young woman on a porch; a young, recently widowed innkeeper. Impressed by her beauty, Luini asked her to pose for him in the moonlight, so that he would have a model for depicting the Madonna in the church fresco; and soon enough, the two fell in love. Sitting in her kitchen among the alluring aromas of spices, sweets and liquors, she created a love potion for him out of brandy, almonds and apricot kernels:bitter-sweet like love and enigmatic as Mona Lisa's smile. So, don't forget to share your Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup with your lover; this thing of beauty is best enjoyed together.
Daily Uses
Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup tastes great with just about any coffee drink you can think of- from dark, strong-brewed coffee to latte or cappuccino; hot or cold. Try it with iced, blended frappes or frozen hot chocolate. If coffee is not your thing, simply add a dash of Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup to a simple glass of warm and cold milk; or use it to add flavour to your favourite milkshake. (Try it, for example, with a ripe banana and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, all mixed with a glass of milk in the blender. You can also use Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup as an ice cream flavouring. Use it in combination with whipping cream and egg yolks, then top the resulting scoops of ice cream with a liqueur such as Courvoisier cognac or Grand Marnier; or if you would prefer an alcohol-free recipe for any reason, try topping it with Orange Syrup instead. Alternatively, you can use Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup itself as an ice cream topping- try it with vanilla or malaga.
Health Benefits
If you're searching for a coffee syrup, flavouring for your biscuits or maybe the perfect ice cream drizzle, you seem to have a lot of options to choose from. Be careful though: they are not all equally healthy. Because we know how frustrating it is to have to choose between taste and health, we've created our Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup, which has both. Our Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup is a certified product, completely free of artificial flavourings, preservatives and other shady additives; designed from our simple, time-tested recipe just for you, Its alluring aroma will relax your senses, reinvigorate your mind and energise your body; and at the same time you can rest assured that it's all natural. So be good to yourself and go for Natures Flavors Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup. Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup , Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup ice cream, Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup natural, Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup coffee
How to Make Recipes
Recipe for Ice-cream cup with Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup
Ice-cream cup with Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup
1 scoop almond ice cream
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 scoop malaga ice cream
1 orange, sliced
1 fresh passion fruit
2-3 tablespoons Grand Marnier
Natures Flavors Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup as desired
Preparation of Ice-cream cup with Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup Scoop the ice cream into a serving cup; top it with slices of orange. Scoop the passion fruit pulp, mix it with the Grand Marnier and pour it over the ice cream and orange slices. Drizzle the result generously all over with Natures Flavors Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup Liked this recipe, have a look at Marzipan flavor Syrup Hope you liked our Ice-cream cup with Amaretto Flavored Coffee Syrup recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
More Info
Product Spec Sheet
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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