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Anise Coffee Syrup

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So, you're a talented cook and a kitchen god or goddess in all possible ways. Everyone around you constantly hopes for an invitation to dinner, your partner suggests you should get your own cooking show and there are never any leftovers from your parties. You know how to make meringue that's never too dry and never too soft- and you manage to pull off a perfect copycat of River Cafe's Chocolate Nemesis (which, if rumours and Julian Barnes' "The Pendant in the Kitchen" are to be believed, never works). Somehow, though, you still know someone whose delicious cakes and carefully crafted sweets you constantly crave, but can never duplicate; maybe it's your grandma, maybe it's your best friend's mother or the chef at that little place around the corner in your hometown. Somehow, your pastries, sauces and mixed drinks never turn out quite like theirs- and you've always wondered why. Truth is- every master chef has a little well-kept secret: one signature flavouring that makes their dishes or baking taste lovely and special. Love is always the secret ingredient- but apart from that, there's usually one more; some unique concoction of herbs and spices that had been passed over generation or discovered spontaneously, and ever since kept as a mystery. Our Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup could be your signature flavour: mix it in strong coffees, hot chocolates, sweet cocktails, add Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup to biscuit or cookie dough or drizzle over pies and pastries; you can even add a few drops of it in Asian-inspired sauces. Its distinguished, strongly aromatic, inimitable flavour will make your dishes taste unique; just don't tell anyone! The cunning kitchen expert often has more than one trick up their sleeve; we've got plenty of them, so feel free to experiment with all the flavour in our stores. For a start, how about a bit of Black Cherry Coffee Syrup on your ice cream and chocolate cakes? Use Butter Rum Snow Cone Syrup and sweet raisins in vanilla puddings, or Cantaloupe Snow Cone Syrup with peach ice cream. We know our mouths are already watering quite badly... By the way, you can even mix and combine syrups as you please: the possibilities are limitless.
As you may know from your mother, who knew it from her mother, the best dishes and cakes are made with love. In the Middle east, anise tea is drank by nursing mothers while they sing lullabies to their sons and daughters, to bring peace and blessing over the happy family. In southern Europe, strong and fragrant anise-flavoured liquors shared by lovers are believed to have aphrodisiac properties. You too can put your bottle of Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup to good use, by creatively flavouring with it your family and friends' favourite dishes. Perfumed cakes, flavourful chocolates or aromatic exotic currys- like only a woman in love or a mother can make. Sometimes, tenderness tastes just like a teaspoon of Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup
Daily Uses
Particularly versatile, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup has a multitude of uses, from flavouring hot drinks to baking. It is great for flavouring hot chocolate or Mexican atole; as well as for adding a sophisticated taste to simple black coffee- try it with a Turkish-style one, prepared on hot sand, and if desired perfect the mix with a tiny dash of rum or brandy. You can even use it to flavour cocktails, for an aroma reminiscent of the charm of 19th Century French artists' cafes and pubs. For those who choose not to drink alcohol, on the other hand, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup is a great addition to fresh home-made lemonades and to root beers. Being heat-resistant, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup can be used in baking, for scones, biscuits, sweat breads, bagels and cakes. Use them in gingerbread or cookies, for a traditional flavour; like the cakes grandma used to make. You can even add a few drops to Indian or Pakistani-inspired curries and other rich dishes and sauces, for an Oriental, exotic, full flavour. Mix it in custards and creams; or drizzle it over mochis. Or you could blend Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup with other flavourings- like the Pistachio Syrup
Health Benefits
The effects of stress on our daily life are extremely worrying- from general anxiety and sleeplessness to heart disease, high blood pressure and an overall shorter lifespan. To counteract the negative effects our hectic life has on our health, we need to take a break and relax a little. In herbal teas or hot chocolate, the aroma of Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup is known to have a calming, relaxing effect; which is known from the time of Pliny the Elder, who reccomended anise as a remedy for insomnia. So close your eyes, breathe in deeply and enjoy: with its natural ningredients, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup is as good for your body as for your spirit. Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup for cooking, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup for baking, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup atole, Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup hot chocolate Recipe for Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup hot chocolate Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup
Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup hot chocolate
1 serving instant hot chocolate powder
About 2 teaspoons Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup
1 tablespoon clotted or heavy cream
A bit more Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup, to decorate
Preparation of Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup hot chocolate Dissolve the hot chocolate powder in a little bit of hot water. Add the Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup and mix well. Add water until the cup is nearly full. Top it with a dollop of clotted cream and enjoy! Liked this recipe, have a look at Raspberry Syrup Hope you liked our Anise Flavored Coffee Syrup hot chocolate recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
More Info
Product Spec Sheet
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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