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Cherry Vanilla Coffee Syrup

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Those of you blessed with a child know how it's like: your little bundle of joy is growing fast and starting to explore the world. As he or she takes his or her first steps and learns his or her first words, the child starts to recognise faces, to smile and wave and to enjoy playing with other children. He or she is turning into a social being. Very soon, you find yourself joining the Exclusive Club of Very Cool Moms and Dads; it's time for taking your kid to Toddlers' Reading Hour, scheduling play dates, to Arts and Crafts for Little Tykes and to schedule playdates. While the kids have fun playing with each other, this is also a great time for parents to meet up and hopefully form lasting friendships. Navigating through parenthood can be quite challenging at times. Even when it comes to the fun stuff, such as playdates, we quite easily slip into fretting about it- how will your child get along with the other kids? What will the other mommies and daddies think of you? Before you know it, you already imagine yourself in front of a TV contest show jury, severely judging your parenting and hosting skill. Take a deep breath and stop it! Because we believe playdates should be fun for both kids and parents, we are here to help you navigate it. For playground hangouts and meetups at your place, it's always good to have a delicious healthy age-appropriate treat for the kids and one for the parents. With this in mind, we have created our Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup; drizzle it over the kids' cheesecake and add a dash of it to moms' cafe latte. It adds a sweet and alluring taste, to be enjoyed no matter the age. And since kids always love to try each and every flavour, we've got even more for you awesome play date hosts and hostesses! Treat your child and his or her friends to a delicious snow cone with Fruit Punch Snow Cone Syrup , topped with Grapefruit Syrup ; or enjoy an iced coffee with "" title=" Cookies and Cream Syrup "> Cookies and Cream Syrup the other moms.
Cherry ripe, cherry ripe, Ripe I cry, Full and fair ones, Come and buy. Remember the nursery rhyme? To the fresh cherry ripe, we've added just a little bit of vanilla from our kitchen; and now so it happens that our Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup is waiting for you to buy it and offer a nice treat to your own kids. My, how you've grown! When did time fly so fast? Remember, when you were little, how you used to search for cherries united in pairs by their stems, so you can use them as pretend earrings? Remember the vanilla custard your mom used to make? Now you're raising kids of your own, and it's their turn to run around the house singing The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round, all through the town, and you're keeping by your mother's legacy. Pamper your loved-ones with goodies just like mom used to make when you were little, with our Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup.
Daily Uses
Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup is a great addition to hot chocolate, hot and cold cocoa drinks that children love; as well as to coffee-based drinks that parents love and need, in order to keep up with a toddler's levels of energy. Add it to blended frappes, iced cappuccino or milkshakes; or to yogurt-based smoothies. Simply blend a cup of yogurt drink with a fresh ripe banana, a handful of berries of your choice (we love it with raspberries, blackberries or blueberries) and a good dash of Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup for a healthy kiddie drink. Or you can simply add it to your child's evening glass of milk to make it enjoyable. The delicate aroma of Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup makes it particularly suitable as a topping or flavouring for a wide variety of goodies. It goes great with panna cota, either mixed in the cream, if you're serving it with chocolate sauce, or in the coulis, in combination with fresh pureed strawberries. It can be used to decorate cheesecakes, Pavlovas, meringue pies, vanilla slices or even birthday cakes. For your daughter's princess-themed party, you can make pink and flavoured whipped cream or icing with Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup and use it to decorate cakes. You can even combine it with other flavourings- why not try it, for instance, with a dash of Honey Syrup (Vegan, Kosher, Soy and Gluten Free) for even more flavour?
Health Benefits
Your child is often tempted by sweets, ice cream, candy and many other similar treats; most of which aren't exactly healthy. As a parent, it's impossible not to frown thinking of all the highly processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives they contain and of the rising epidemic of childhood obesity you definitely don't want your kid to be part of. What do you do? It's hard to be the mean mom or dad that has to say no. But with our Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup, you can say yes without worries: made with our children in mind, it is made following a simple recipe natural ingredients only- so that your child can be healthy and maintain a sensible weight while still enjoying the best treats. Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup for children, Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup cakes, Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup ice cream, Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup chocolate
How to Make Recipes
Recipe for Happy yoghurt bowl with Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup Would you like to know how to make a healthy and delicious treat using Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup.
Happy yoghurt bowl with Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup
1 cup fresh yoghurt
1 handful of fresh raspberries
1 fresh orange
1/3 cup of granola
1/3 cup dried cranberries
2 tablespoons Natures Flavors Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup
Preparation of Happy yoghurt bowl with Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup Puree the orange and the raspberries together in the blender. Add them in a bowl together with the yogurt and mix well. Stir in the granola and cranberries, then add the Natures Flavors Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup and swirl it in. Yummy! Liked this recipe, have a look at Grapefruit Syrup Hope you liked our Happy yoghurt bowl with Cherry Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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