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Mai Tai Coffee Syrup

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People in the 60's certainly knew how to party! We're talking about the decade that gave us the very essence of rock'n'roll: Elvis' glory years, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; Bob Dylan, the Byrds and the Beach Boys. It's the decade that gave us hippies with flowers in their long hair, ripped jeans and tye-dye bandanas. Young people all over the 50 States would learn how to sing, dance, dream big and rebel from their favourite musicians' songs; the same people that travelled to Woodstock in '69 for 3 days of peace and music; many of them found themselves, fell in love and retained precious memories of the best years of their life. At the same time, in sunny California, every little bar or restaurant was serving a delicious cocktail- Mai Tai, literally meaning excellent in Tahitian. (It is said that the owner of the Trader Vic's bar in Oakland invented it one morning, then met upo the same day with some Tahitian frends and asked them to tasted. one of them exclaimed in her native language: : "Maita'i roa ae", roughly meaning "Out of this world", or "Delicious". A staple of tiki-themed restaurants in the 60's, the Mai Tai is even featured in Elvis Presley's film Blue Hawaii. In rememberance of the awesome 60's, we proudly present our Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup; with its rum, curacao and fresh lime notes, it brings a drop of summertime and living easy in your morning coffee or tea. While you're at it, why not try even more of our celebratory, party-ready Flavors? Like our Pi?�a Colada Coffee Syrup or our Cherry Cola Syrup (Vegan, Gluten Free)? You can even mix and combine Flavors as it strikes you fancy- so why not go for a sunny-feeling concotion of Irish Cream Coffee Syrup and Orange Syrup ?
Although the Mai Tai is slightly older than rock'n'roll, having been invented around the 40's, it may be one of the drinks we tend to associate with the 60's the most. The 60's were a time of innovation and experimenting- from the invention of blues-rock and hard rock not long before Woodstock to the mix of jazz and tropical themes by bands playing in the same tiki places that served the most delicious mai tais, this is when a lot of music as we know it was invented. Mixing a drink is a lot like composing a song- and our Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup blends harmoniously with iced lattes and rich hot chocolates, lends a wild sparkle to lemonades and lime crushers and tastes spectacular when drizzled over whipped cream. For drinks with a bit of soul, try the Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup.
Daily Uses
Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup is amazing on any coffee based-drink- you can use it to sweeten dark coffee or cappucino, you can have it in a mocha frappe or drizzle it generously on top of the large dollop of whipped cream in an espresso con panna. It also makes a nice addition to teas such as Earl Gray or English Breakfast, usually accompanied by a wedge of lemon or lime. Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup can also be used in lemonades and mocktails, so that people who do not drink alcohool can enjoy a pleasant cocktail too; try it, for example with sparkling water or tonic, crushed limes and orange juice; or with peach and pineapple if you prefer sweeter fruits. Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup also makes a great flavouring for cake fillings, creams and ganaches. In combination with fresh crushed straberries and Raspberry Coffee Syrup , it is a great panna cota sauce. With raisins, it can be used for a richer, more flavourful version of malaga ice cream. It adds taste and zest to vanilla custard and lemon cake filling. You could mix it with pecans for pecan pie, or with various other nuts, according to your taste. Or you could simple drizzle Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrupon any kind of dessert you like and enjoy its wonderful aroma: cheesecakes, raisin oatmeal cookies, jam tarts and mochi rice cakes are only a few of our personal favourites.
Health Benefits
Being made with high-quality, natural ingredients only and no actual alcohol content, Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup is the ultimate risk-free treat, that you can indulge as often as you wish. For a healthy breakfast, drizle a bit of Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup on top of fresh fruits and have it with a small butter croissant; it will fill you with energy to start your day and bring you that little bit of good cheer you need when it's Monday again. You couldn't have a real mai tai for breakfast and call it healthy now, could you? Besides, our Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup is made with absolutely no preservatives, colourings or artificial Flavors- so you don't have to worry about those either: it's all natural! Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup for cooking, Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup cream, Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup mocktail
How to Make Recipes
Recipe for Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup Citrus Mocktail Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup
Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup Citrus Mocktail
2-3 dashes of Natures Flavors Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup
100 ml blood orange juice
100 ml grapefruit juice
50 ml lime juice
ice cubes
slice of lime, to serve
Preparation of Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup Citrus Mocktail Dissolve the Natures Flavors Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup in a small quantity of orange juice. Add all other juices with the ice cubes in a shaker and mix. Serve with a slice of lime Liked this recipe, have a look at Red Raspberry Syrup TLC Hope you liked our Mai Tai Flavored Coffee Syrup Citrus Mocktail recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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