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Strawberry Coffee Syrup

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When January rolls around and your nose is stinging a bit from the cold, you're dreaming of spring already, with blossoms blooming and the first fresh fruits of the year just starting to beautifully ripen. With flowering buds and fresh grass, spring is a time of rebirth in nature, celebrated by all cultures in all times. From the Roman Kalends, when the city's sacred fire was being re-lit to the Celtic and Germanic sacred spring rites to the much more contemporary football fan pep rallies, all traditions center around the same thing: spring is here, we need to let off some steam! After a winter of eating blander, heavier foods, we all crave something fresh: hence the joy when the first fruits of the spring are ready to pick; usually, we are talking about the red and fragrant May strawberries. For the times when you just can't wait until the first strawberries are ripe to indulge in their alluring aroma, we've got this lovely Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup. Bursting with the taste of fresh fruit, it makes a great addition to your milkshakes, as well as a versatile ingredient for cocktails and Old Rose Daiquiris. For those of you who really crave the spring right now, why not also try our Pink Lemonade Snow Cone Syrup (Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free), just like the one you used to get at the fun fair when you were a child? Or the refreshing Spearmint Syrup (Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free)? Our syrups can be mixed and combined according to your taste- so how about an Orange Flavored Coffee Syrup with a dash of Raspberry Flavored Coffee Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) on top of your coffee-flavored ice cream? It sounds quite delicious, doesn't it?
Remember your first kiss? The first time you fell in love? These are moments you wish you could stop time,so nothing wrong would ever come between you. A Cherokee legend says that when the First Man and the First Woman had their first newlyweds argument, she walked away from him crying. The man begged the Creator to slow down her steps, so that he could have a chance to tell her how much he really loves her. The Creator threw a bunch of strawberry shrubs on Earth from Paradise and, sure enough, the woman stopped in wonder and tasted the fruit. As the man caught up with her,just to gaze into her eyes and declare eternal love, she laughed and fed him one strawberry- and so the two of them were reconciled. To keep love forever young, you too can pamper your beloved with a Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup cappucino or maybe a sorbet with fresh berries and Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup, all made with love.
Daily Uses
The Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup makes a great addition to cappucinos, lattes, hot chocolate, moccachino, blended frappes, iced coffee, milkshakes and yoghurt-based smoothies. It makes a particularly tasty flavouring for heavy cream- or yoghurt-based ice creams; simply mix it with whipping cream and egg yolks, or with Greek yoghurt and a bit of orange juice, then pop in the freezer overnight. You can use Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup to make strawberry milk, or add it to fruit concotions; it works best with banana, kiwi, mango and peach. You can even blend syrups together: try it with our Sweetnol Chocolate Coffee Syrup for your favourite decadent desserts. Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup can also be used as a flavouring for truffles, chocolates and other sorts of candy, as well as for fillings and ganaches. Mixed with butter, egg custard or cream-based ganache, it makes a perfect filling for pink macaroons. For your little daughter's birthday cake, mix Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup in the whipped cream and decorate with it, for the most perfect princess pink theme. Drizzle over cheesecakes or shortcakes, Mochi rice cakes, pavlovas or vanilla slices- or simply over your breakfast croissant. Since it is heat resistant, you can even use it in baking, in the same way that you would have used corn syrup, maple syrup or agave nectar.
Health Benefits
The key to good health is simpler than it seems: eat well, sleep well and smile more often. Sweet treats keep us happy- but often they contain artificial colourings or shady food additives that are anything but healthy. With all natural ingredients, our Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup contains none of the shady stuff, being made with just natural Flavors and the fresh juice of berries and orchard-grown lemons. What's even better, it can make your daily health food- your glass of milk or yoghurt, your fruit and vegetable smoothie- irresistibly delicious, so that you can truly enjoy it and relax. Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup for baking, Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrupfor ice cream, Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup milk, Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup yoghurt
How to Make Recipes
Recipe for Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup Yoghurt Ice Cream Would you like to know how to make a delicious treat using Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup? Below you'll find a wonderful recipe just for that. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup
Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup Yoghurt Ice Cream
2 servings Natures Flavors Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup
1 cup yoghurt
cup cream
The juice and rind of one lemon
Preparation of Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup Yoghurt Ice Cream Mix the Natures Flavors Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup, cream and yoghurt in a blender.Add the lemon rind and juice to the mix. Whisk with an electric whisker until fluffy. Freeze and enjoy! Liked this recipe, have a look at Sweetnol Chocolate Coffee Syrup Hope you liked our Strawberry Flavored Coffee Syrup Yoghurt Ice Cream recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
Ingredients ListCane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, and Natural Colors

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