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Caraway Essential Oil


Latin Name: carum carvi General Description This oil is often used as a domestic spice in bread. It is known that this oil can help with menstrual cramps, as well as to increase the appetite. Laryngitis and bronchitis are easy targets for the soothing vapors of caraway. This oil can also promote milk secretion. Caraway Folklore Caraway seeds are believed to have been used in Europe longer than any other condiment. Their use was first recorded in Egypt, in the medical papyrus of Thebes in 1552 B.C. How It's Made The oil is extracted by means of steam distillation of the leaves and seeds of the caraway plant. Properties

Helps with Bronchitis Helps with Coughs Helps with Laryngitis

Prevents Flatulence Helps Digestion Helps with Dyspepsia Increases Appetite Immune System Battles Common Cold and Influenza

Safety Guidelines:
This oil is non-toxic and will not irritate or sensitize the

. Caraway should not be used directly on the

. The oil should first be mixed with a diluting or carrier oil.

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