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Rosemary Essential Oil

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Latin Name: rosmarinus officinalis General Description Rosemary is one of the oldest plants used for food and medicine. It is a favorite for periods of intense concentration and also promoting hair growth. Steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops of wild growing Rosmarinus Officinalis which is found in numerous forms and subvarieties. The plant grows abundantly in the wild in Morocco, Spain, France, Corsica, Italy, Sardinia Yugoslavia, the U.S.S.R., Turkey, the Middle East, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. The main oil producing countries are France, Spain and Tunisia. Rosemary has a stimulating aroma with penetrating herbal, green, and pine-like body. The oil is used in most major food categories for flavoring and as a fragrance in cosmetics, detergents, perfumes and soaps. Rosemary Folklore In ancient Greece, Rosemary was recognized for its alleged ability to strengthen the brain and memory. Greek students would braid Rosemary into their hair to help them with their exams. Also known as the herb of remembrance, it was placed on the graves of English heroes. How It's Made The steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops produces Rosemary oil. Properties Muscles Helps with Gout Muscular Aches Helps with Sensations of Irregular Heart Beats

Helps with Bronchitis Remedy for Asthma Helps with Whooping Cough

Prevents Flatulence Increases Appetite Helps with Heartburn Reduces Nausea Useful for Jaundice Helps with Hepatic Disorders Helps with Hypercholesterolemia

Nervous System<> Helps with Stress-Related Disorders Recommended for Nerve Spasms Helps with Mental Exhaustion Helps with Nervous Strain General Headaches Helps with Dizziness Helps with Hypertension Helps with Debility Immune System Battles Common Cold and Influenza Helps with Flu Symptoms

Reduces Acne Helps with Dermatitis Helps with Lice Helps with Scabies Helps with Dandruff Helps with Eczema Helps with Varicose Veins Helps with Oily Hair Circulation Increases Circulation Helps with Arteriosclerosis Other Uses Reduces Leuchorrhea Relieves Problematic Menstruation

Safety Guidelines:
This oil is non-toxic and will not irritate or sensitize the

. Rosemary should not be used directly on the

. The oil should first be mixed with a diluting or carrier oil.

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