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Almond Super Concentrated Flavor Powder (3X Fold)

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Nature's Flavours' Almond Super Concentrated Flavor Powder is Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-free. This all-natural powdered flavor contains no Allergens and is excellent in baking applications, dry beverage mixes such as instant coffee, cocoa and protein blends, and is a perfect addition to dry mixes such as pancake, waffle, muffin, beverage, protein mixes and meal replacers. This flavor is moderately heat stable and brings out a well-rounded taste in these applications. Starting usages should be 1 to 5% depending on how long you cook and at what temperature. You may use even less flavor in some applications due to the nature of the flavor and the make up of the formula ingredients you are using. It is not uncommon to see usages of less than 1%. Do not be surprised if .1% is your finished usage. You will have to initially experiment with each flavor as they can all vary. Save your notes.
Ingredient StatementNatural Flavor Powder Contains: Dextrose and Natural Flavors

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