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Lime Syrup

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Let's run away together. Wouldn't it be nice to leave all of your stressful life behind, start fresh somewhere in the countryside, in a blessed place where mountains rise their peaks high and proudly then slowly descends into the sea; you'd have your little house at the foot of the mountain, you'd go for bike rides in the forest every day, just to enjoy the fresh air and to marvel at the beauty of nature. You would take up a hobby: maybe wood sculpting? Maybe painting? You'd finally find the time to write that novel you've been intending to put on paper since you were sixteen, but never found the time; or maybe, if you've had an interesting life so far, your memoir. You would grow raspberries in your garden, and pick them fresh so you can enjoy the most of their irresistible flavour. You'd make your own jams, jellies and syrups and enjoy them during the winter, while sitting next to the fireplace and contemplating your beautiful life. If it all seems like a distant dream only to you- we'd like to offer you the next best thing; our fresh natural Lime Flavor Syrup. Enjoy it in a simple glass of soda water, in your lemonade or even in herbal tea; soon enough, you'll realise your dreams and be free- but until then, hey, why not pamper yourself with something tasty? The delicious fruits have been dubbed the king of berries?, and actual kings and queens are known for having appreciated them; for instance, 13th Century English King Edward I encouraged the cultivation of raspberries in all of the land. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that they have been enjoyed by mankind for as far as our culture can remember. Archaeologists believed that Paleolithic cave dwellers ate raspberries and enjoyed them as much as we do nowadays. While we'll never know what the cavemen would have thought of our Lime Flavor Syrup, we're sure you would love it, so go ahead and give it a try! Or better yet, give more than just one of our awesome syrups a try! What would you say to a nice Root Beer Snow Cone Syrup ? Or maybe you'd preffer some Root Beer Snow Cone Syrup on your morning pancakes? For those of you of more refined taste, we've got Root Beer Snow Cone Syrup for your ice creams and sorbets, and Root Beer Snow Cone Syrup to top it. Tempting, isn't it?
As far back as time goes, folklore has been there to pass along the stories. Stories that inspire and some the scare little children. One of the best stories is about spinach and that if you don't eat it, well you'll never grow up to be strong like Popeye. I can with certainty that I never liked spinach until I grew up. Now I love it because I know its healthy. So is Lime Flavor Syrup. Its not as healthy as a bowl of steamed spinach, but really not much is. However Lime Flavor Syrup is a healthy option that keeps our young healthy and energetic.
Daily Uses
You don't have to be a chef to use Lime Flavor Syrup. It is only your imagination that needs to fly. Besides the coffee and the cupcakes and pancakes, you can flavor your custard or pudding, or you can make an excellent vanilla ice cream or you can flavor a cherry-chocolate one. You don't have to be shy or to follow patterns or rules. You can, for example make an ice cream at home, using the Lime Flavor Syrup and adding raisins and bits of dark chocolate in it, just before you put it in the freezer. The most important thing is that you can use the Lime Flavor Syrup any time you want. Rules and regulation are for other parts of your life. Here, there is the only one rule: there is no rule, only your taste. For greater taste and more results, you can also mix it up with some Cream Soda Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) . The more creative you get, the better it is. Lime Flavor Syrup for coffee. Lime Flavor Syrup for ice cream. Lime Flavor Syrup for baking. Lime Flavor Syrup for deserts. Lime Flavor Syrup for custard.
Health Benefits
Let's face it: cream soda is quite delicious! But unlike the fountain drink you used to have as a kid, most of the bottled-ones you can find today are packed with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colourings and other shady additives you wouldn't want your children to have. With things being as they are- having less and less natural and simple foods, it's no wonder that childhood obesity is sky-rocketing. Therefore, we've created our Lime Flavor Syrup as an product, which contains nothing you couldn't have found in your grandparents' home or orchard. By enjoying Lime Flavor Syrup rather than store bought fizzy drinks, you and your family can enjoy a long and healthy life in harmony with nature- so why not try it today? Lime Flavor Syrup ice cream, Lime Flavor Syrup soda water, Lime Flavor Syrup , Lime Flavor Syrup healthy
How To Recipe
Recipe for Lime Cola Care to know how to make a recipe using Lime Flavor Syrup? We have just the recipe for you. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using this product.
Lime Cola
3 tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
1 (12 fluid ounce) can cola-flavored carbonated
1 slice lime
Preparation of Lime Cola Fill a tall glass with ice. Spoon in the limeade. Slowly pour in the cola. Garnish with a slice of lime. Liked this recipe, have a look at Grape Snow Cone Syrup ( Vegan, Gluten Free) Pistachio Syrup Spearmint Syrup Hope you liked our Lime Cola recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
More Info
Ingredient StatementNatural Syrups Contain: Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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