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Mai-Tai Syrup

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Climb ev'ry mountain?, the Mother Superior sang to Maria in the beloved musicall The Sound of Music?, encouraging her to spread her wings and start the winding path that the pursuit of happiness always is. Follow ev'ry rainbow 'Till you find your dream' she sang?. While following rainbows -and leprachauns, for that matter- is usually tricky business, mountain-climbing is a favourite holiday activity for most of us. In the winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding or on jolly sleigh rides, while in the summer it's time for long hikes leading to peaks from where you can see the landscape all around; it feels like you're on top of the world. Just you and the mountain. Another pleasure that the mountain has to offer is finding fresh berries. The delicious and tangy blueberries grow high up in the shade of forests. Locals sometimes sell them to groups of to-be hikers in small glasses; you eat them up as you go on your hike and get your tongue all purple. You feel energised and in touch with nature- hey, you could even hug a tree, that's how good you feel! For the times when you need a bit of that enthusiasm in your life and you miss the majestic mountain with its snowy peaks, we offer you our Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup; natural and loaded with vitamins, it will energise you enough to climb mountains if you feel so inclined! So go ahead and, as Mother Superior said, Climb ev'ry mountain, Search high and low, Follow ev'ry by-way, Every path you know?; life has a lot of surprises in store for you, and for each of them, we've got a flavour. Pamper yourself with a nice waffle with Cookies and Cream Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) and real cream on top when life is sweet, and for those days when your morning coffee tastes bitter, soften it with a dash of Cookies and Cream Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) . Or why not try Cookies and Cream Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) instead, for a change?
When you were a kid in middle school, finding out if your crush likes you back was a complicated operation. First, you confessed your well-kept secret to your best friend, over a glass of Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup Syrup after school. On the back of your English notebook, you would scribble what looked like a complex calculus algorithm based on your names and your star signs, which resulted in a number which measured how much he fancied you. After verifying that your love was, indeed, written in the stars, the next step was to get him to fill out a slam book which contained, thrown inconspicuously between What's your favourite animal?' and What Hogwarts house would you be?' the crucial question of Whom do you fancy??; and pray to love gods that the teachers wouldn't confiscate it. If all went well, you could hope to be sipping your Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup Syrup sitting next to your crush the next time. If you'd like to relive that day, buy yourself a bottle of our Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup Syrup, fix yourself an ice-cold syrupy drink and dust off that old memory box: do you still have the picture of your first crush?
Daily Uses
One of the untold uses of delicious flavors like Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup, if you don't frequent restaurants is in mixed drinks. You may fancy a mixed drink you may not. It may be alcoholic or not. Whatever the case you can be sure that your favorite restaurant or bar will be using a great flavoring in their drinks. This of course is where Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup comes as a great mixer for refreshing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Even better for such an occasion is Watermelon Syrup some will say. This of course is a personal choice. But aside from mixed drinks, you can be sure that this great flavor is wonderful even with regular single flavor drinks. Imagine yourself sitting out on your porch or patio. Maybe I with some friends pool side or relaxing on your balcony. Make yourself a nice drink and pour some Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup right over it. Now that right there is a delicious way to start and end the day. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup for mixed drinks. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup for desert. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup soda. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup for pop. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup for snow cones.
Health Benefits
A lovely little treat from time to time is always good for your mood; but when it comes to your body and health, some treats are better than others. After inventing highly processed sweeteners and artificial food additives and forgetting how to eat natural, our society is now re-discovering the ; and we're right there on the bandwagon with our Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup. means- to put it simply- better for you and better for the environment. By eating you are keeping the chemical stuff out of our bodies and enjoying a better quality of life- more vitamins, no toxins and far better-tasting fruits. So rather than going for supermarket beverages loaded with artificial colouring and no real fruit, give our Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup a try. Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup , Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup ice cream, Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup recipe, Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup sweets.
How To Recipe
Recipe for The Perfect Mai Tai Care to know how to make a recipe using Mai-Tai Flavor Syrup? We have just the recipe for you. Of course, you are more than welcome to send us your recipes using this product.
The Perfect Mai Tai
1 fluid ounce dark rum
1 fluid ounce amaretto liqueur
3 fluid ounces orange juice
3 fluid ounces pineapple juice
1 dash grenadine syrup
Preparation of The Perfect Mai Tai Fill a 12 ounce glass with ice cubes. Pour in rum and amaretto. Fill remainder of glass with half orange juice and half pineapple juice. Add a splash of grenadine for color. Liked this recipe, have a look at Cherry Cola Snow Cone Syrup (Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free) Strawberry Syrup (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free) Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee Syrup Hope you liked our The Perfect Mai Tai recipe. If you would like to send us your recipe
More Info
Ingredient StatementNatural Syrups Contain: Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Natural Colors

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