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Sodium Hexametaphosphate


Sodium Hexametaphosphate, also referred to as E452i, SHMP, Graham's Salt, Sodium Polymetaphosphate, or just Hex, is an additive in a variety of foods and beverages and commonly used for thickening, emulsifying, and adding texture.  Sodium Hexametaphosphate is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

More details

Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a multi-purpose sequestrant and is a versatile ingredient to have on hand for your culinary creations. It is a white, odorless powder used to thicken, emulsify, or add texture to foods, beverages, pet-related goods, and personal care products, and its additionally used in certain methods of chelation. Sodium Hexametaphosphate can be added to an assortment of food, beverage, and personal care applications such as syrups, canned milk, powdered and imitation cheese products, whipped toppings, dips, packaged egg whites and other proteins, jellies, frozen desserts, dressings, cereals, beverages, bath products, cosmetics, pet food, and more. Additionally, Sodium Hexametaphosphate is an ingredient that is commonly added to fruit juices that contain pulp to help prevent the pulp from settling at the bottom.



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