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Naturlax® Strawberry Psyllium Fiber

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Ah, strawberries. So sweet, so fragrant, so perfect when it comes to fiber. With fresh-from-the-vine taste and jam-packed with flavor, it’s no wonder why this is one of our favorites. Next time you’re in the mood for something with a fresh taste of strawberry, you won’t have to go searching through strawberry patches to find it.

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In a jam when it comes to health? Naturlax® helps you squash high cholesterol, digestive issues, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Filled with plant-based ingredients, Naturlax® doesn't use artificial ingredients like Yellow 6 or aspartame. Naturlax® encourages the feeling of satiety, so it helps you feel fuller for longer. And, as you digest the fiber, it acts like a scrub brush on your insides, cleansing as it moves through your intestinal tract.

There are so many ways to enjoy Naturlax®. Inside scoop: it’s simply smashing when it’s blended with fresh berries. And if Strawberry Flavored Naturlax® is your jam, then there are plenty more just like it in the field to choose from. Strawberry Cream Flavored Naturlax®, Black Raspberry Flavored Naturlax®, and Boysenberry Flavored Naturlax® are just what you’ve been looking for.

Adults 12 years & older:

Put one rounded tablespoon into an empty glass. Mix this product with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Taking Naturlax® Fiber without enough liquid may cause choking. See choking warning. Stir quickly and drink promptly. If mixture gets too thick add more liquid and stir briskly. Fiber can be taken two to three times daily.

Children 6 years to under 12 years:

½ adult dose in 8 ounces of liquid.

Children under 6 years:

Consult a doctor before using.

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