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Organic Irish Cream Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer (Low Fat, Kosher, Vegan,Gluten Free)


Natures Flavors Organic Irish Cream Vanilla Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer is soy-based and dissolves readily in all your favorite beverages. It is excellent for blending in dry mixes such as hot chocolate mix and great when combining with our organic instant powder coffees. You can also add this organic soy-based milk powder to a fruit smoothie to give it a creamy and smooth texture, not to mention that it is rich in natural plant proteins. This organic non-dairy soy-based powder can be used as a base for homemade non-dairy ice cream with out that beany note found in most soy-based ice creams. Email us at for our homemade organic non-dairy ice cream recipe and we will send it right out to you.

- Water soluble protein
- Minimal soy flavor
- Replaces dairy creamer Natures Flavors Organic Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer is 100% organic and contains no preservatives. Ingredients: Organic Rice Milk, Organic Soy Milk Powder, Organic and Natural Flavors

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