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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Try Nature's Flavors Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and you will be pleasantly surprised with its versatility! The production of olive oil dates back to 4500 BC, although some would say evidence exists of even earlier uses. It has been referred to as "liquid gold" and contains many benefits along with its ability to add flavor to food. For example, olive oil has been used in medicines and can be added to beauty products to add extra moisture to the skin and hair. There are many types of olive oil: extra virgin refers to any olive oil that has been produced only by physical means, without the use of chemicals, has no more than 0.8% free fatty acids, and has a higher quality taste than that of other olive oils. This makes Nature's Flavors Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil a wonderful choice for your kitchen as it is of the highest quality. Use it in baking and cooking as a healthy way to add flavor and quality to your favorite dishes, or even use it pure as a tasty addition to your favorite bread! Extra virgin is the healthiest of the olive oils as it has the highest concentration of polyphenols, which may have antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory properties and may contribute to better cardiovascular health. It also has the highest level of monounsaturated fats of all oils which may help decrease the amount of "bad" LDL cholesterol levels. Nature's Flavors Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic, so you know there are no harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms in your product. Organic products are also free from irradiation and sewer sludge, which is beneficial to your health and the environment. Get a head start on a healthier lifestyle today!

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