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Decaf Coffee Flavoring, Organic


Organic Decaf Coffee Flavor Extract is made from the finest quality organic coffee beans from Peru. Our organic coffee extract starts with freshly roasted beans. It's excellent for making sauces, syrups, toppings, and flavoring dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt. Organic Decaf Coffee Flavor Extract is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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Coffee Flavor Extract is formulated using the highest quality organic coffee beans from South America. Currently, we are using organic decaffeinated Peruvian coffee beans that have their caffeine removed using the Swiss Water Method. We roast the beans ourselves in small batches, so the coffee flavor extract is always as fresh as the day we roasted the beans. This Organic Coffee Extract is perfect for making organic coffee syrups, organic coffee toppings, organic coffee sauces, and any dairy products such as yogurts or ice cream. I do not recommend using this coffee flavored extract for baking. Since this is an alcohol-based extract and since all the components that make up flavors are usually very volatile, when you bake them, all the flavor for the most part will bake out. I recommend using our high-heat emulsions. I created these for use in high-heat applications. They are specially formulated to take the intense temperatures found in the oven and the drying effects of long-term baking. Our high-heat stable emulsions do not contain any alcohol and are especially good for bakers and chefs who don’t want any alcohol due to dietary issues or religious reasons.

This extract is NOT clear. This is due to the natural flavor extraction process of coffee, which tints the color slightly.

Ingredient StatementOrganic Extracts Contain: Organic Cane Alcohol and Natural Flavors

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