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Organic Caramel Cream Flavor Oil for Lip Balm


Nature’s Flavors Organic Caramel Cream Oil for Lip Balm gives lip balms a warm and luxurious flavor that is ideal for anyone who loves a good flavored lip balm with the taste of caramel and cream. So good, you’ll want to apply this lip balm flavor over and over again. Nature’s Flavors Organic Caramel Cream Oil for Lip Balm is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. 

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Perfect for lip balms, lipglosses, and lipsticks, Nature’s Flavors Organic Caramel Cream Oil for Lip Balm makes it easy to add the best tasting caramel cream flavor to the products you love to create. Whether you’re making a lip balm for yourself or working on creating an entire line of lip balms of varying flavor, you’ll enjoy this ideal taste and will find yourself making it again and again. Incorporated into a base of shea butter and coconut or any other formula, Nature’s Flavors Organic Flavor Oils for Lip Balm is incredibly easy to work with an each have their own unique flavor. When using Nature’s Flavors Organic Caramel Cream Oil for Lip Balms, it’s important to remember that our flavors are concentrated, so you will find that a little will go along way. A little experimentation on your part will be necessary to hone in on a perfected recipe. Your friends, family, and customers will enjoy the flavor of Organic Caramel Cream Oil for Lip Balms and you will appreciate its ease of use.

Ingredient StatementOrganic Flavor Oils Contain: Organic Sunflower Oil and Natural Flavors


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