Organic Bug Spray for Garden (Environmental Friendly, Child/Pet Safe)

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Organic insect repellents are designed for people who care about the environment, but don't want their environment to bug them. This Organic Bug Sprays will push these small pests away and cause them to steer clear of you and your garden. Nature's Flavors Organic Bug Spray will not kill bugs, but it will irritate the sensitive areas of insects. This irritation is much like how we get irritated from strong smells, such as a freshly diced onion. This Bug Spray is child, and pet safe, and is the natural alternative for insect control.

100% Organic, all natural, and Environmentally Friendly!

This solution works well in any garden versus many different types of bugs.This product does not contain any toxic chemicals, or artificial ingredients.

Ingredient: Water, Organic Essential Oil

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