Organic COI (Certificate of Inspection)

Organic COI (Certificate of Inspection)

What is a Certificate of Inspection (COI)?

Certificates of Inspection (COI) for export to the European Union from the U.S. and Mexico are issued through TRACES. An official COI means the parties involved have submitted the necessary records to validate a transaction of certified organic products destined for the European Union.

The European Union requires that any organic product being imported into an EU member state be accompanied by a Certificate of Inspection (COI); including Andorra, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and other non-EU member states, including Switzerland and Sweden.


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A Certificate of Inspection must be authorized before the product leaves the port. Any organic products that arrive in the European Union without an authorized COI are subject to REJECTED SHIPMENTS. For more information, refer to EU Regulation 2021/2306


*STANDARD OPTION (7-10 Business day lead time)

*EXPEDITED OPTION  (24-hour turnaround)

**The COI is requested from our Organic Certififier once the order is ready to ship and the customer has provided the required documentation.  

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