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Acid Base Xylitol Powdered Flavor syrup Just Add Water


Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrups are a natural sweetener that tastes great, have fewer calories than sugar, and actually fights cavities!


You can also use more than one organic or natural flavor at a time, such as Nature’s Flavors Organic passion flavor concentrate and Organic orange flavor concentrate add some Organic orange food coloring and Organic yellow food coloring and you have an exceptionally good tasting and good for you organic tropical drink.

Simultaneously discovered by Emil Fischer in Germany, and M.G. Bertrand in France, in the late 19th century, Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is naturally found in a variety of fibrous vegetables and fruits including various berries, oats, mushrooms, corn husk, sugar cane and more recently, birch trees. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar with many exceptional benefits.

*** Great Taste - Other sugar alcohols like sorbitol, lactitol, mannitol, maltitol, or erythritol are only a fraction of the sweetness as sugar. Xylitol, however, is just as sweet as sugar and does not require any other synthetic sweeteners to give a great sweet taste. Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrup doesn't use any synthetic sweeteners to give a great 100% natural flavor.

*** Lower Calories - Xylitol has about 40% fewer calories than sugar, with all the great taste! No nasty after taste and great for anyone who is on a diet, watching their calories, or just wants to be healthier. Although this product contains carbohydrates, many people don't count these carbohydrates because they have a minimal effect on blood glucose levels and have a lower calorie amount per gram. These products, in effect, have low Net Effective Carbs. Suitable for Diabetics- Xylitol also has a low glycemic index value of only 7, has minimal effect on blood sugar levels, and does not require insulin to metabolize. Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrups aren’t only effective for those with diabetes or people with hypoglycemia, but for anyone who is sensitive to sugar.

*** Known to combat and repair cavities - Xylitol is a good sugar alternative for everyone because it is beneficial for dental health. Xylitol helps reduce dental cavities, plaque, and tooth decay. Studies have shown that Xylitol is actually cariostatic, in other words, it reduces new tooth decay by inhibiting plaque and suppressing decay-causing bacteria. A study further suggested this was due to Xylitol’s ability to decrease acidity created by bacteria in the mouth to a pH upwards of 7, making the saliva more basic. Alkaline, or basic, saliva has been shown to have increased saliva flow, and increased calcium and phosphate levels. The increased levels of calcium and phosphate travel to areas that are deficient like those areas of an emerging cavity. This may lead to the regeneration and hardening of teeth combating cavities. By switching to Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrups, you may actually help damaged teeth grow stronger!

*** Helps clear nasal passages and fight ear infections – Some studies have shown that adding specific quantities of Xylitol to saline nasal sprays increases the effectiveness in clearing and moisturizing nasal passages. A study suggests that bacteria adhere to tissue by forming sugar adhesion complexes. The ability for Xylitol to form many different sugar structures seems to disrupt bacterial ability to adhere to tissue and therefore inhibit bacterial propagation. The actual process of chewing Xlyitol gum may prevent ear infections by clearing the middle ear of earwax. Recent studies suggest that Xylitol destroys bacteria that may cause ear infections and ulcers and may even help strengthen bones.

Now that you’ve read about the exceptional benefits of Xylitol, try it in a variety of Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrups. Because we recognized the great benefits of Xylitol and were the FIRST to distribute Xylitol Syrups on the internet, you can be sure to trust the quality of Nature’s Flavors Xylitol Syrups.

Make it your way today, with Nature’s Flavors!


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