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Banana Xylitol Powdered Flavor syrup Just Add Water

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Commercial Use NF- 4851/ XYN: Banana Xylitol Syrup

Water, xylitol, xanthan gum, citric acid, natural & organic flavors and natural yellow color

Varies depending on application.

- PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Yellow tinted, translucent liquid
- FLAVOR & AROMA: Characteristic of Banana

PH: 2.92+/- 0.4 BRIX: 50+/- 2.0 %TA: 0.36+/- 0.4 Weight(lbs/gallon): 9.78 +/- 0.4

Organism Specifications Method of Analysis Total Aerobic Count < 500 CFU/g AOAC Method 990.12 Yeast & Mold < 50 CFU/g AOAC Method 998.08 Coliforms / E. coli: Negative in 10g AOAC Method 997.02

- Method of Processing: Blending all flavor ingredients.
- Carriers: Water
- Storage conditions & shelf life: Store in tightly sealed containers at refrigerated temperatures not exceeding 35??-38 degrees Fahrenheit upon receipt. Stable at 1 year if stored properly
- Legal Status: Natural.
- California Processed Product registration, conventional and organic: # 52375.
- Product Safety: Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.
- All ingredients are listed as G.R.A.S. by FDA and/or F.E.M.A and approved by E.E.C.
- We hereby certify that the products of Newport Flavours & Fragrances, Ltd., Nature's Flavors, Seelect Tea, are fit for human consumption and have free sale in California.
- NON-GMO: This product does not contain any genetically modified organisms.
- Allergens: This product does not contain any allergens.
- Certified Kosher (K-ID): JHD-FSVL
- FDA Registration: #13982645538. FDA Bio Security Act Registration: #19307735562.
- Country of origin: USA

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