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Nature's Flavors' Flavor Concentrates are made from the finest ingredients available. Our flavorist, The Flavor Guy, travels the world to find the purest and most unique raw materials to bring you new and innovative all natural flavor concentrates. These flavor concentrates will satisfy any taste bud craving!

What is a flavor concentrate?

Nature's Flavors Flavor Concentrates are extremely concentrated water soluble liquids containing no alcohol or sugar and are set in an Natural Gum Acacia Base. Every concentrate in this category is all-natural, Kosher, vegan, gluten Free, and contain no allergens!

These concentrates are made to withstand high temperatures for a long duration. They are heat stable up to 400 degrees F, making them perfect for most baking applications and pasteurized products. As such, they are great in any hot or cold water-based food or drink application. As some flavors are lost at high temperatures, please adjust the concentration upward slightly. Concentrates are also great in cold applications such as ice creams, frozen yogurts, cold beverages, and other frozen products, as it freezes readily due to the fact it is alcohol free.

Why use an flavor concentrate instead of an extract?

Nature's Flavors' Flavor Concentrates contain no alcohol and are more heat stable than an extract. This makes concentrates better suited for high heat applications. Usages starting at 0.05% to 0.5%, so use sparingly! As their name suggests, concentrates are concentrated! Flavor Concentrates usually appear as a cloudy/opaque colored liquid. If your application calls for a clear liquid flavor, please see our clear flavor concentrate section.
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