Caramel Flavoring Powder, Natural

Caramel Flavoring Powder, Natural

Embrace the taste of sweet, sticky, golden caramel with our natural caramel flavoring powder. Nature's Flavors has harnessed the taste of caramel and transformed it into an easy-to-use flavor powder form. Perfect for supplement or shake recipes, dry baking mixes, instant pudding mixes, and so much more, we simply can’t wait for you to enjoy the sublime taste of our natural caramel powder. Best of all, the caramel flavor powder is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

Natural Flavor Powder Contains: Dextrose and Natural Flavors
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At Nature's Flavors, we've perfected our natural flavor powders for cooking and baking, including our fan-favorite, natural caramel flavoring powder. This buttery, salty flavor enhances every dish, dessert, or beverage it’s paired with, bringing people a rich caramel flavor in every bite or sip.

The natural caramel flavor powder combines well with dry mixes for cakes, muffins, pancakes, and cookies and distributes the flavor throughout. Add a dash of the natural caramel powder to your cup of hot coffee or a frozen smoothie to naturally sweeten your beverages. Sprinkle the powdered caramel flavoring on top of cereal, popcorn, or oatmeal for a boost of flavor. You can even create your own caramel-flavored ice cream with this unique flavoring powder.

Cooks, brewers, pastry chefs, and home baking enthusiasts will want to use this highly concentrated natural caramel flavoring powder in their culinary creations to make innovative confections and specialty drinks. We recommend starting with a little of the caramel powder and adding more to your desired taste, as our flavor powders are more concentrated than our flavor extracts. Taste as you go, and add more of the powdered caramel flavoring if you'd like.

All of our extracts and flavorings, including the natural caramel flavor powder, are made with the finest ingredients sourced from nature.
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