Peppermint Flavor Oil, Natural

Add the taste of holiday cheer with Nature’s Flavors’ natural peppermint flavor oil. This sweet and bold peppermint flavoring oil will brighten so many oil-based applications. Try this natural peppermint oil in chocolates, lip balms, natural candies, and even candle-making.

Natural Flavor Oils Contain: Sunflower Oil and Natural Flavors
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At Nature’s Flavors, we’ve created a collection of flavor oils, and one of our most popular is the natural peppermint flavor oil. All of our natural flavor oils are approximately four times stronger than our flavor extracts. So, if you want to add an extravagant minty flavor profile, our all-natural peppermint oil is food-grade and is best used to add bold peppermint flavoring to chocolate, candies, frostings, and more oil-soluble applications. When adding our natural peppermint flavoring oil to your creation, use a small amount to start, and add more as you need. See our peppermint fragrance oil for use in aromatherapy applications.

Ideal for holiday treats, the natural peppermint extract oil is a popular flavor reminiscent of the winter months. Whether you like to bake at home or are a candy maker or a professional baker, you’ll love incorporating our extracts and flavorings, including the potent, natural peppermint oil made with premium natural ingredients - the way nature intended.
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