Flavored Syrups

Syrup, sweet flavoring syrup. At Nature's Flavors, we take our flavored syrup seriously. At 155 varieties of natural and organic flavored syrups and counting, we are the unchallenged leader in naturally flavored, custom syrup creations without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Read more
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Natural Flavored Syrups

Natural Flavored Syrups are made with only the highest quality ingredients and will always remain free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. From shaved ice to baking confections to lattes, Nature's Flavors' natural flavor syrups can be enjoyed year-round.

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Organic Flavored Syrups

Nature's Flavors Organic Flavored Syrups are the perfect compliment to your culinary creations, from baked goods to beverages and everything in between. They're an excellent way to keep your day flavored while avoiding artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives.

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Snow Cone Syrup Image

Snow Cone Syrup

Whether you call them snow cones, slush puppies, or Hawaiian shave ice, beat the heat with the largest array of flavored snow cone syrups around.

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Coffee Syrup

Nature's Flavors has been creating all-natural coffee syrups for well over 40 years. We offer the largest selection of natural and organic coffee syrup flavors, and research is ongoing to create even more unique flavors to pair with your cup of coffee.

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Italian Soda Syrups

Make great Italian sodas right at home or for customers at your very own cafe with our selection of premium Italian soda syrups. Add Nature's Flavors' Italian soda flavorings to soda water or any carbonated beverage to create delicious beverages for yourself or to share with others.

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Sugar Free Syrup Powdered Formula Image

Sugar Free Syrup Powdered Formula

Nature's Flavors' Sugar-Free Powdered Formula Syrups are great to have on hand for all kinds of culinary purposes. Just add water to create some of the tastiest flavored sugar-free syrups around. Ideal for flavored coffee, smoothies, dessert making, beverage recipes, and more.

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Low-Carb Erythritol Syrup Image

Low-Carb Erythritol Syrup

At Nature's Flavors, we are inclusive of all special dietary needs. With this in mind, we bring you our line of Low-Carb Erythritol Syrups. Our Erythritol Syrups bring you all the flavor of full-sugar products, but without the calories, net carbs, or glycemic impact.

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Pancake Syrup Organic

Great on pancakes, waffles, French toast, and more, Nature's Flavors' Organic Pancake Syrups are a sweet way to add flavor to your morning stack. Add great maple flavor, berry flavor, nutty flavor, and more to the breakfast foods you love the most. With Nature's Flavors' Organic Pancake Syrup, make flap jacks to flip for.

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Bar Mix Syrup Organic

Stir things up with Nature's Flavors' Organic Bar Mix Syrups. From margaritas to mai tais, to mojitos and daiquiris, we have everything you need to shake cocktails up the healthy way. The professional bartender and amateur mixologist, alike, will enjoy using our organic bar mix syrups in original libations.

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Syrup For Yogurt Organic Image

Syrup For Yogurt Organic

Turn your fro-yo into fro-yay with Nature's Flavors' Organic Syrups for Yogurt. Perfect to add great fruity flavor to your frozen yogurt recipes, our organic syrups reign supreme. Whether you have a soft-serve ice cream machine at home or have a chain of frozen yogurt stores of your own, these flavors are a true must-have.

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Organic Powdered Syrup

Create fresh & flavorful carbonated and noncarbonated drinks with Nature’s Flavors Organic Powdered Syrup. Explore fruity, sweet, and unforgettable flavors today.

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Shakes & Smoothies

Shake up your blended drinks with our shake and smoothie bases. Dust off those blenders and take Nature's Flavors;natural and organic Shake and Smoothie Bases for a spin. So easy and even more delicious-- blended drinks at your home, cafe, or restaurant will never be the same again.

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Sample Packs & Bundles Image

Sample Packs & Bundles

Variety is the spice of life, so why not mix things up a little? Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Nature's Flavors' Flavor Syrup Sample Packs are terrific for the at-home cook, the aspiring chef, or the professional culinarian to try our syrups a few drops at a time.

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