Quillaja Extract

Quillaja Extract

We’ve created our quillaja extract, which is a powerful foaming agent that is derived from the outer layer of the Quillaja Saponaria Molina tree. It’s used in foods and many carbonated beverages, including root beer, cream soda, and other drinks. The quillaja Saponaria bark extract is also used in natural soap, shampoo, detergent, and pharmaceutical applications. Quillaja extract is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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With its Chilean roots, this unique plant-based quillaja extract is very versatile. Sometimes referred to as quillaia extract, it’s essentially the same thing as quillaja extract. Quillaia is the ground bark of the Quillaja Saponaria Molina tree. The quillaja Saponaria extract has many food-grade applications, including being used in baking as a replacement for egg whites or as an emulsifier in baked goods, yogurt, ice cream, and candy. You can also add quillaja extract to beverages like sodas, alcoholic mixers, and some beers. For other applications, the natural quillaja extract can be used in toothpaste, soap, shampoos, and cosmetics. At Nature’s Flavors, we offer many unique baking ingredients, including quillaja extract. Shop our quillaja Saponaria extract for sale from the flavor experts.

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