Banana Smoothie/Shake, Organic

Banana Smoothie/Shake, Organic

Organic Cane Sugar, Water, Organic and Natural Flavors, Organic Citric Acid, and Natural Colors
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Nature's Flavors brings you the first complete line of organic smoothie syrups and the largest selection online or in any store. These organic smoothie syrups can also be used to make slushies, snow cones, ice cream toppings and organic shakes. Nature's Flavors uses organic ingredients with organic colors, natural flavors and antioxidant rich purees.

Harvested every day of the year, bananas are available in India at all times and in all seasons. They might have been the first fruits farmed by men and it is believed that, upon Alexander the Great's conquest of India, the great leader developed a great fondness for the perfume fruit. Because everybody loves bananas, we present to you our Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake, for drinks and desserts fit for a maharaja. Enjoy a strong coffee like the great kings of the Orient used to have in the afternoon, in company of their numerous wives and mistresses, flavoured with a good dash of Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake, or have some Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake on top of a delicious rosewater sorbet.

"Musa Sapientum" is the scientific name for the banana, which translates to "fruit of the wise men." There's a reason bananas are one of the most popular fruits on this planet. The banana is a great source of energy, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Packed with starch and dietary fibers, bananas can make your feeling of hunger go away. Buy the Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake and it will be like you are buying fresh bananas. All the benefits of it will certainly help you maintain a healthy and delicious life!

Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake is also delicious in strong, black, Turkish-style coffee, as well as in delicate coffee and milk drinks: try it in spiced lattes, blended frappucinos or simple iced coffee. You can also use it in milkshakes; blend a glass of milk with vanilla, hazelnut, almond or macadamia nut ice cream and a good dash of Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake. Or, you can try it in yogurt smoothies, in combination with fresh fruits, especially the exotic-ones; for example: mango, guava and mandarin orange; with maybe a few teaspoons of coconut cream for extra creamy flavor. You can also use it as an ice cream toping or flavouring; how about, for example, a nice sorbet with a little bit of orange flower water, topped with some lovely Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake? Or use Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake as a flavouring for a delicious ice cream, by stirring it in heavy cream and freezing it. Also stirred in whipped cream, it can flavour panna cota or various kinds of custards. Since it is heat resistant, you can even use it in baking, for muffins, cakes, scones or banana bread

8 ounces of milk or soy milk
8 ounces of ice
4 ounces of Nature's Flavors' Organic Banana Smoothie/Shake

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