Birthday Cake Flavor Oil, Natural

  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan
Birthday Cake Flavor Oil, Natural

At Nature’s Flavors, we think every day is a reason to celebrate. There’s simply nothing better than a slice of birthday cake slathered with a thick layer of frosting and milti-colored candy sprinkles. Nature’s Flavors captures all the flavor and aroma of a real birthday cake in this wonderful creation. Nature’s Flavors Birthday Cake Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan
Natural Flavor Oils Contain: Sunflower Oil and Natural Flavors
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Daily Uses

Who says you can’t celebrate your birthday every day? Every day is a great reason to throw a party. A party of one or a party of one hundred, Nature’s Flavors makes it easy--and delicious--to add great birthday cake flavor into all of your original recipes. Whether you’re looking to flavor chocolate, make a tasty lip balm, or create a masterpiece of a homemade candle, then Nature’s Flavors Birthday Cake Flavor Oil just may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Health Benefits

Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday dear Nature’s Flavors. Happy birthday to us! For over 35 years, Nature’s Flavors has been recreating the essence of nature and creating new, unique, and adventurous flavors along the way. With our many years of experience, we can easily say that we are some of the very first pioneers to take part in the modern flavoring era. Gone are the days of using chemicals and artificial colors and flavors. We recreate natural flavors--and even the flavors of celebratory birthday cake--by using real extracts of plant-based ingredients. Additionally, we create each and every product to order and just for you, meaning that each flavor that arrives at your doorstep is a type of wonderful surprise that’s fit for celebration.


Make a wish! Did you happen to wish for a way to make one of the very best scented candles on the planet? We thought so. Keep the party going year-round with an aromatic candle laced with an amazing birthday cake scent. Next time you bring out your candle-making supplies, make sure to incorporate the dreamy scent of Nature’s Flavors Birthday Cake Flavor Oil. Once you have your beeswax melted, incorporate a few drops of our Birthday Cake Flavor Oil. While you may be wondering why we’re putting a flavor oil into a candle as a scent, just trust us on this one. Add a few drops at a time, smelling the batch along the way. Once you think you’ve reached the right amount of scent, add a drop or two of natural or organic food coloring color of your choice, pour your wax mixture into a candle jar that’s been affixed with a wick. Set aside to allow your candle to cool and harden. Once your birthday cake candle has solidified and set up, light it, smell it, and enjoy it. Now, this is one birthday candle that you’ll never want to blow out.

Product Specs

Nature’s Flavors Birthday Cake Flavor Oil contains sunflower oil and natural flavors.

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