Habanero Flavor Oil, Natural

Habanero Flavor Oil, Natural

Some like it hot and, at Nature’s Flavors, we think that’s pretty awesome. We’ve got the perfect flavor oil for exactly for those kind of people. Once you get a taste, you’ll need to grab a glass of water for this spicy number. Hot and steamy, it'll have you coming back for more. Nature’s Flavors Habanero Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

Natural Flavor Oils Contain: Sunflower Oil and Natural Flavors
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Daily Uses

Nature’s Flavors Habanero Flavor Oil can be used for so many tasty applications. Add it to olive oil to create a great flavored oil to use in cooking and dressings, add a few drops to a salsa that needs an extra burst of flavor, or come up with your own new and exciting concoction. One of our favorite ways to use Nature’s Flavors Habanero Flavor Oil is to add it to melted chocolate to create a savory sweet treat that is shockingly good. No matter the application, the mighty habanero plant brings a big excitement from such a little pepper.

Health Benefits

Did you know that eating spicy foods helps to rev up your metabolism? Habanero benefits abound with this spicy pepper. Not only do spicy foods help with blood flow and circulation, but the reason why the human body sweats when it encounters spicy foods is because sweat acts as a natural air conditioner to cool the body down. Have you ever seen someone have a bowl of hot and spicy soup on a hot day? Doing so simply provides a natural way to cool down on even the hottest of days. And, speaking of natural, our natural products are made from real plant-based extracts. What's more, we don’t even begin to make your products until you place your order. Doing this ensures that you receive the freshest products possible.


Get ready to turn up the heat. We love flavors that are a little sweet and a little spicy. What better way to match the two together than to create habanero chocolate. Over a double boiler, melt any type of chocolate you’d like over medium heat--for this recipe, we especially like using dark chocolate. Once the chocolate has been melted and no lumps remain, add in a few drops of Nature’s Flavors Habanero Flavor Oil and stir together to combine. Remember that our flavors are concentrated, so begin by using only a little bit and add more to your personal preference. Keep in mind that it’s easier to add than it is to take away. Carefully pour melted chocolate into candy molds or even small muffin tins and sprinkle the top with coarse sea salt. Set aside to cool and harden. When your chocolates have fully cooled, you’ll have amazing dark chocolate with the bite of habanero flavor with a great hint of saltiness.

Product Specs

Nature’s Flavors Habanero Flavor Oil contains sunflower oil and natural flavors.

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