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Latin Name: citrus sinensis General Description The cold pressed oil comes from the very nutritious Valencia oranges grown in California and is restricted to the late season valencia fruit. In Chinese medicine the orange peel is used to treat numerous ailments including anorexia and malignant breast sores. The oil is primarily used as a flavoring agent for both the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry. How It's Made The almost ripe or fresh ripe outer peel is cold pressed by hand or machine to produce the oil. Properties Respiratory Helps with Bronchitis Helps with Coughs

Nervous System<> Helps with Stress-Related Disorders Helps with Nervous Strain Immune System Battles Common Cold and Influenza

Helps with Dyspepsia Increases Appetite Helps with Heartburn Reduces Nausea Helps with Constipation.

Helps with Oily skin.

Relieves Pain from Ulcers Helps with Complexion Problems, Muscles, Reduces Palpitation.

Safety Guidelines:
This oil is non-toxic and will not irritate or sensitize the skin.

. Orange should not be used directly on the skin.

. The oil should first be mixed with a diluting or carrier oil.

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