Pimento Berry Essential Oil, Natural

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Latin Name: pimento officinalis myrtaceae General Description Pimento Berry Oil is steam distilled from dried, crushed, fully grown, but unripe fruits of the West Indian tree, Pimenta Officinalis. Certain manufacturers insist on water distillation and and there is reason to believe that this type of distillation yields a superior quality of oil. The tree is a native of the West Indies and grows in the wild abundantly on many of the islands, particularly Jamaica. The oil of the berries is used by the food industry extensively in frozen foods for flavoring, while in perfumery it is used primarily to create men's fragrances. How It's Made The steam distillation of the green unripe berry produces Pimento oil. Properties Muscles Helps with Arthritis Helps with Rheumatism Helps with Muscle Cramps Helps with Fatigue

Helps with Bronchitis Helps with Coughs Helps with Chills

Prevents Flatulence Helps Digestion Helps with Cramps Reduces Nausea

Nervous System<> Helps with Stress-Related Disorders Recommended for Nerve Spasms Helps with Anxiety and Depression Helps with Nervous Strain

Safety Guidelines:
This oil is non-toxic and will not irritate or sensitize the

. Pimento Berry should not be used directly on the

. The oil should first be mixed with a diluting or carrier oil.

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