Natural Fragrances and Essential Oils

At Nature's Flavors, we extract the purest natural fragrances and essential oils from fruit, vegetable, and plant sources to fulfill all your fragrance and flavor application needs. These essential oil fragrances are concentrated liquids derived from plant sources that contain beautiful aroma compounds. Read more
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Fragrance Oils

Our natural and organic fragrance oils provide wonderful scents that can be added to any application. Use our fragrance oils in skin care products as well as candles and more.

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Essential Oils

We have created an assortment of scented essential oils with only the finest natural and organic ingredients found in nature. Our selection of pure essential oils is excellent for aromatherapy applications.

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Massage Oils

Our team has developed scented massage oils with potent aromas that are made from the finest organic and natural ingredients. Use our high-quality massage oils for all things relaxation.

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Fragrance Powders

Enhance any body care or skin care dry application with one of our natural or organic fragrance powders. These fragrance powders impart a wonderful aroma to items, like cosmetics and deodorant.

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Fragrance Emulsions

Our fragrance experts have created a line of all-natural and organic fragrance emulsions that are ideal for adding aroma to any water-based skin care product. Use our fragrance emulsions in soap, shampoo, and more.

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Organic Fragrance Sample Packs

If you want to explore our collection of organic fragrances, try some of these scents by indulging in an organic fragrance sample pack. Find fragrances and scents you enjoy before purchasing the full-size product.

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