Extracts & Flavorings

Flavorings and Extracts

Extracts & Flavorings

Nature’s Flavors has been producing organic and natural flavorings for over 40 years. We specialize in custom-made, all-natural, and organic flavorings for the food and beverage industry.

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Flavor Extracts Image

Flavor Extracts

Our flavoring extracts are available in a plethora of flavors, and we also create customized flavors on demand. Excellent for baking, cooking, and beverage applications, enjoy our organic and natural flavors made with the finest ingredients. 

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Flavor Concentrates Image

Flavor Concentrates

Our flavor chemists have created high-quality flavoring concentrates. Our collection of flavor concentrates is made for any beverage, cooking, or baking application that requires a lot of heat, as these natural and organic flavoring concentrates are heat-stable.

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Flavor Compounds Image

Flavor Compounds

We offer the best selection of flavor compounds to make the finest baked goods. Use flavoring compounds to make fruit fillings that enhance candies, cakes, pies, pastries, and more delicious desserts.

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Flavor Emulsions Image

Flavor Emulsions

The flavor scientists at Nature’s Flavors have developed an assortment of organic and natural flavor emulsions that can be used in beverages, candies, and baked goods. These heat-stable flavoring emulsions are also water-soluble.

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Flavor Powders Image

Flavor Powders

Our collection of natural and organic flavoring powders is ideal for dry applications like baking mixes. The flavor powders also dissolve in water and can be incorporated into any beverage or baking recipe.

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Flavor Oils Image

Flavor Oils

Our flavorists have mastered a variety of unique flavoring oils using organic and natural ingredients. Use these oil-soluble flavor oils to add your favorite flavor to candy, chocolates, lip balms, and more.

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Vanilla Extracts Image

Vanilla Extracts

We have the finest selection of natural and certified organic vanilla extracts available. Our flavor chemists use Grade A vanilla beans to create pure vanilla flavor extracts for baking and beverage applications.

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TTB Approved Flavors Image

TTB Approved Flavors

In our 40 years in the business, we’ve developed TTB-approved flavorings for alcoholic beverages. Use any of our TTB-approved flavors to add flavoring to wine, beer, and spirits.

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Flavoring for Ice Cream Image

Flavoring for Ice Cream

We have the best natural and organic ice cream flavoring concentrates to create a tasty frozen dessert. Our flavorings for ice cream are made to add delicious flavor to the icy and creamy dessert.

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Flavoring for Water Image

Flavoring for Water

Add a burst of flavor to any form of water using our organic and natural water flavorings. These water flavor drops are sure to make increasing your daily water intake easy so that you stay hydrated.

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Flavoring for Coffee & Tea Image

Flavoring for Coffee & Tea

Our skilled flavorists have concocted organic and natural coffee and tea flavorings. These flavorings for coffee and tea are added to coffee beans and tea leaves before brewing, which enhances the flavor of the beverage.

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Flavoring for Lip Balm Image

Flavoring for Lip Balm

Use our flavor oils for lip balms to customize and create flavored lipsticks and lip glosses. Choose from our vast collection of flavorings for lip balms with unique flavors.

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Flavoring for Chocolate Image

Flavoring for Chocolate

Add organic and natural flavor oils for chocolate to your next batch of chocolate candies or fudge to give it a rich, unique flavor. We have a selection of delicious flavorings for chocolate that are made fresh with each order.

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Keto Friendly Flavors Image

Keto Friendly Flavors

If you are watching your carbs or sugar intake but don’t want to forgo flavor, indulge in our keto-friendly flavorings. We have created an assortment of keto flavors that can be added to baked goods and beverages.

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Flavors Without Diacetyl Image

Flavors Without Diacetyl

Our flavor scientists have experimented with flavorings to create an entire collection of flavors without diacetyl. These organic and natural flavor extracts contain no diacetyl and can be used in baking and beverage applications.

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Flavor Sample Packs Image

Flavor Sample Packs

Try a sampling of some of our natural and organic extracts and flavorings with one of our carefully curated sample packs. Before purchasing the full-size product, start with our flavor sample packs to experiment with flavors.

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