Natural Flavorings

Our flavor scientists are the experts in natural flavoring! Whether you need natural or organic flavors for your latest recipe, or a natural fragrance to complete the perfect candle, we’ve got you covered. Read more
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Apple Image


Everyone has their go-to brand of apple they prefer. But whatever your preference, our apple-flavored products will provide the natural flavoring or scent that everyone can agree is just right.

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Banana Image


Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with our banana-flavored products. Our banana flavoring is natural and organic and provides the sweetness of bananas that can enhance any food or beverage.

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Blueberry Image


Capture the freshness of blueberries with our blueberry-flavored products. Whether you need the blueberry taste or smell, you can experience the natural flavoring associated with picking blueberries at peak ripeness.

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Butter Image


A freshly-baked croissant without the taste of butter just feels wrong. With our natural flavoring, add the soft and creamy flavor of butter to food and drinks in a variety of butter flavors.

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Caramel Image


Sweeten your day naturally with natural caramel flavoring. Our caramel-flavored products are perfect for those with a sweet tooth looking to enhance their baked goods, candies, ice cream, or coffee.

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Coffee Image


When you add our natural coffee flavorings to your desserts, you’ll enjoy the taste of comfort. The bold aroma provides a sense of warmth to the room where you’re enjoying your coffee-flavored treat.

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Coconut Image


Take your palate on a tropical trip with our coconut-flavored products. Incorporate our organic and natural coconut flavorings into your beverages, or add them to your recipes for desserts or culinary dishes for a creamy, nutty, and sweet burst of flavor.

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Grape Image


Whether you want to experience the taste of Napa Valley’s finest vineyards, or you simply want to enhance your morning with the citrus flavor of grapefruit, our grape-flavored products will do the trick.

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Irish Cream Image

Irish Cream

The rich and creamy flavor of Irish cream is just what you need to heighten your morning brew or a late-night cocktail. Our Irish cream-flavored products are natural and provide just the right amount of sweetness.

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Maple Image


The natural flavoring of maple can evoke the taste of a warm syrupy pancake, or the scent can trigger the aroma of a forest. The sweetness of maple flavorings takes a variety of forms.

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Mocha Image


Combine the sweetness of chocolate with the comforts of coffee in our mocha-flavored products. Our natural mocha flavoring will give your regular home-brewed coffee, tea, or dessert a boost of flavor.

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Peach Image


It’s peach season year-round with our natural peach flavoring. Enjoy the sweet and juicy flavor of peach to enhance your baked goods like pies and cobblers or beverages like tea and juice.

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Raspberry Image


Enjoy the sweet taste of raspberries with the natural and organic flavoring of raspberry. No matter what color raspberry you like (black, blue, or red), we’ve got you covered.

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Rum Image


Beef up your bakes and beverages with an oaky and aromatic rum flavoring, or treat your hot beverage to the sweet, smooth butter rum flavor. Either way, you’ll feel warm inside with our rum-flavored products.

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Strawberry Image


Strawberry flavoring is extremely versatile and pairs well with a variety of fruits and desserts. Our organic, natural flavorings contain the sweetness of strawberries that will make you feel like it's summer.

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Vanilla Image


Nothing can relax or provide comfort quite like vanilla. Whether you’re using the natural flavoring of vanilla for food and drinks or enjoying the scent of a candle, our vanilla-flavored products are sure to de-stress.

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