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Our flavor scientists are the experts in natural flavoring! Whether you need natural or organic flavors for your latest recipe, or a natural fragrance to complete the perfect candle, we’ve got you covered. Read more
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Nothing evokes the taste of fall like products rich with apple flavor. Whether you’re adding to your food or beverages with flavoring extracts, flavor emulsions, flavor concentrates, and natural syrups or enhancing a pie, cobbler, or jam with additional flavor, our products will capture the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness that apple flavoring provides. You can even provide fragrance to any room to transport you to the middle of an apple orchard with our apple organic fragrance oils.

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At Natural Flavors, we know the importance of having banana flavoring that actually tastes like bananas. Because there’s nothing worse than a dessert with the dreaded artificial banana flavoring. Our banana-flavored products are all-natural, many of them organic certified, and will add just the right amount of taste or smell to whatever you’re making. All without any synthetic aftertaste.

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Summers were made for blueberries! Bring that feeling to any season with our blueberry flavoring extracts, flavor emulsions, flavor concentrates, or natural syrups. Our blueberry flavorings will capture the slightly sweet and acidic flavor that you know and love, without the artificial taste. You can even enhance the fragrance of any room with organic fragrance oils to impart the smell of baking fresh homemade blueberry cobbler.

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Butter flavoring isn’t just for popcorn and potatoes anymore! With butter flavoring, you can enhance your baked goods -- and even your drinks -- to add that warm, buttery flavor you love. Naturally, we offer the traditional butter flavor commonly used in breads and desserts, but our natural butter flavoring takes on a variety of unique forms like butterscotch flavoring, butter nut flavoring, and butter pecan flavoring. You can even give your drinks a boost with butter rum flavoring. Whatever your needs, we have the natural and organic butter flavors to best suit your tastes.

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One of the most popular flavors, vanilla, is used in a variety of food-grade applications. Vanilla flavorings have a sweet, warm scent and flavor profile, which can enhance beverages, baked goods, and even some culinary dishes. The pure vanilla flavorings are extracted from the vanilla plant, which was first discovered in Mexico, to create the rich and complex flavor you have come to love.

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