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Nature’s Flavors is committed to providing natural and organic products for your diet & lifestyle. Healthy nutrition needs products to support a healthy lifestyles. And that’s what we do. Read more
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Give our premium gift sets, filled with natural and organic products – like flavored syrups, teas, and coffee – to loved ones for any special occasion. Treat yourself to our selection of organic and natural gifts from Nature’s Flavors.

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Cotton Candy

The ultimate sugary sweet for summertime is here with our organic and natural cotton candy. With flavors you could only dream of, choose your favorite cotton candy sugar to make your own fairy floss, or select one of our prepackaged varieties.

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Fiber Powder

Our proprietary blend of flavored fiber powder, made with psyllium husk, is available in a variety of flavors from our sister company, Naturlax. These natural and organic fiber powders support digestive health.

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Frozen Desserts

Beat the summer heat with frozen treats, like our natural and organic frozen dessert mixes for sorbets, ice cream, and more. Excellent for restaurants, ice cream shops, and home use, our selection of frozen desserts is easy to make.

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Our baking ingredients contain the finest natural and organic sweeteners, so our products are compatible with low-carb and low-glycemic diets. Explore our extensive range of sugar-free options, including syrups, coffee creamers, and more. We offer many sugar-free varieties of our product selection, like syrups, coffee creamers, and more.

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Research & Development

Our team of flavor scientists is here to assist you in the research and development process when creating a unique flavor for a baking ingredient or beverage formula. Contact us with your flavoring ideas for any natural or organic product we offer.

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Pet Supplies

Pets deserve the best, and we treat them like family at Nature’s Flavors with our selection of organic and natural pet products. These pet-friendly products, like bug sprays, are safe to use around your furry friends.

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Bamboo Furniture

Our hand-crafted bamboo furniture is made with organic and natural materials that are environmentally friendly. The bamboo furniture blends into nature, giving your outdoor space a refreshed look. Create an elegant seating area for your backyard, patio, or front porch.

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When making natural and organic products, like baking ingredients, fragrances, beverages, and more, we offer a selection of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options. Choose from a variety of glass containers in all different sizes and plastisol lids.

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Shipping Options

Contact customer service to review lead times, shipping cost, and expedite options. The price of shipping depends on the size and quantity of the organic and natural products ordered. Expedited processing is available for an additional fee.

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