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Nature’s Flavors is committed to providing natural and organic products for your diet & lifestyle. Healthy nutrition needs products to support a healthy lifestyles. And that’s what we do. Read more
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Nature's Flavors carries an array of gifts that will make anyone smile. Your friends and family will be elated when they receive a gift from Nature's Flavors for holidays and birthdays.

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Cotton Candy

Carrying both ready-to-spin cotton candy sugar and pre-spun flavored cotton candy, we are a pioneer in organic and natural flavored cotton candy. With our 40 years of flavoring expertise, we've developed varieties of flavored cotton candy floss to make the most original and fun sugary treats.

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Fiber Powder

Psyllium husk fiber powder in more flavors than you can imagine. Support your digestive health with all-natural fiber powders!

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Frozen Desserts

Sweeten the deal with Nature's Flavors' Frozen Dessert bases. We carry a variety of organic sorbet powders, organic sorbet bases, organic non-dairy frozen dessert mixes, and low-carb frozen dessert mixes. Great for home ice cream and frozen yogurt machines or ice cream shops, let us do the work for you.

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Low-Glycemic or low-carbohydrate diets are dietary programs generally utilized to restrict carbohydrate consumption for weight control or for the treatment of obesity.

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Research & Development

Nature’s Flavors offers various services you need for Research & Development. Whether it’s ingredient testing or flavor formulation, we’re here to help you get started with whatever you need. Contact us today!

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Hair Colors

A 100% natural way to create a new you, Nature's Flavors Hair Colors are a safe way to color your hair. Since our hair colors are made of safe vegetable dyes, they are ideal for all ages. Why go to an expensive salon when you can dye your hair at home for a fraction of the cost without all the harmful chemicals?

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Pet Supplies

From organic insect repellents to organic hummingbird feeder food, Nature's Flavors has the perfect products for your animal friends. Don't use products that are full of harmful chemicals when there are natural and organic formulas that can be used instead.

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Bamboo Furniture

Naturally eco-friendly and artfully crafted from sustainable materials, Nature's Flavors carries a selection of bamboo furniture for your outdoor areas. Whether you're redecorating your patio or are in need of additional backyard seating, sit back and relax with Nature's Flavors bamboo furniture.

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Nature's Flavors is your go-to place for all your packaging needs. Carrying a variety of glass containers, disposable pipettes, pumps, and more, Nature's Flavors has exactly what you need for your packaging, storage, and application experimentation needs.

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Shipping Options

Call us at 714-744-3700 to receive an accurate quote. Shipping prices will vary depending on the quantity and dollar value of your order.

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