Pinot Flavor Oil for Chocolate

Pinot Flavor Oil for Chocolate

Nature's Flavors' Pinot Flavor Oil for Chocolate is specially formulated for use in oil soluble chocolate applications. This flavor works well when added to pure chocolate or cocoa bases. It will not separate as long as the application is in an oil soluble form. This natural flavor oil works very well for the chocolatier who is trying to add flavor to a chocolate coating. It will work with dark, milk or white chocolate coatings.

Organic Flavor Oils Contain: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Vanilla, Organic Flavors
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For best distribution of flavor, it's recommended that a small amount of natural flavor oil for chocolate be added to a small amount of 76 degree coconut oil. A good starting usage for all of Nature's Flavors' natural flavor oils is approximately one quarter teaspoon of flavor per one pound of chocolate. If the flavor seems too strong, cut your usage in half. Typically, you should not be able to taste the flavor three to five seconds after you have swallowed the chocolate. It should have a clean feeling and should go away quickly, leaving you with the desire to have more. This is a difficult result to achieve since most connoisseurs, chefs and cooks having fun in their kitchen, tend to overdo it by adding more flavor than needed. In this case, the effect is that you won't want more even though you don't necessarily identify anything being wrong with the chocolate. Chocolate is a very intense flavor by itself so adding flavor to it and getting the right effect is difficult and takes practice. It is fun to experiment with the chocolate; achieving the perfect flavor profile can be very rewarding. Nature's Flavors' natural Flavor Oil for Chocolate is true to its name having a very sweet but delicate note. It bakes well in chocolate and also does very well in cookies, cakes and bread. It is very stable for weeks at room temperature and freezes well. All of the natural flavor oils work well in icings and oil based coatings. This natural flavor oil for chocolate can also be added to sauces and dressings and can be emulsified to become water soluble. Due to its very low usage level, there is little or no nutritional value. The processes for making natural flavors are much the same as for making natural flavors. The ingredients are natural rather than just natural. You start by using only certified natural ingredients when available and when not you may use naturals provided they fit with in the definition of natural and only comprise less than 5% of the total amount when calling it 95% natural. When calling it 100% natural you must use only certified natural ingredients and nothing else. Nature's Flavors carries both 95% and 100% certified natural flavors. It is our goal to produce only 100% natural flavor concentrates and extracts as the ingredients become available. In many instances we produce our own natural ingredients to satisfy our strict quality control requirements. Because the industry is still very young the technology's to make these ingredients are still evolving. The only solvents that we use in the development of natural and natural flavors are filtered RO water and natural alcohol. If we can't extract the ingredients thru these methods then we don't do it. Steam distillation is another method we employ. Fortunately this is in most cases the only methods needed to manufacture these unique flavor concentrates and extracts. A simple and common process for making vanilla extract is to take natural vanilla beans and grind them to a pulp then allow them to soak and extract in an natural alcohol/water mixture for a period of time sometimes for up to several months. Normally for a standard natural vanilla extract you would extract for a period of not less than fourteen days. That's how long Nature's Flavors allows its natural vanilla extract to age and extract. This method is common for our citrus and other fruit flavor extracts as well. There are usually some filtering and clarifying techniques that follow the extraction process before being bottled or packaged. There are no chemical residues because there are no chemical solvents used. Many of the natural flavoring ingredients are derived this way first before being incorporated in to water based or oil based natural flavor concentrate. To make the natural flavor concentrates water soluble you must emulsify the oils that were derived and separated from the extraction process or steam distilling and that usually involves using an natural gum or starch and under high pressure and shearing. This process forces the oils and gums to be broken into very small particles and cling to one another with out reforming into there basic building blocks again. The entire process is safe and effective for producing the finest natural flavor oils, flavor concentrates, and flavor extracts. Nature's Flavors has pioneered many of these methods for producing these natural products. We are proud of our flavorings, spices, coffees, and all our natural products. We hope they bring you much enjoyment and satisfaction.

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